Weekend Catch Up

I really do need to be taking more photos.  It was a pretty gorgeous weekend, great temperatures, we got to go outside for a little bit, but nothing, not a single photo from the weekend! How is that even possible.

Like I said, it was really perfect outside on Saturday, I think it was even plus weather.  I took the kiddo on a little sled walk around the neighborhood, I was starting to get tired of doing all the work, getting cold so we went back home, and boy can a toddler do a tantrum.  He was not liking the going inside business.  It was basically time for nap, so we put him down.  I was like “this” close to going and running outside, but I decided against it.  #1) my cold is in the finally stages where things are deciding to clear out, so on the walk I was coughing quite a bit due to the air and #2) I decided to have a glorious two hour nap while the kiddo napped.  It was great.

I love naps when I can.  I don’t usually like to take them as it can affect my night sleep, but you know when you just feel so comfy that you know you need to lie down and take a breather.  I in fact did this three days in a row.  All of them glorious.  [I am back at work today and I was seriously contemplating about how I would be able to get another nap in today but I decided against it].  None of these naps affected my night sleep, I still went to bed at my normal bedtime of early’o’clock, so I guess I really did need them.

Fast forward to Sunday, because it was such a nice day on Saturday, the snow got a bit of a melting situation but the thermometer once again said that it wasn’t done with winter yet and turned back to freezing.  We went outside again on another sled walk; this time; however, it was ridiculously slippery.  I took my time made sure my footings were good, I didn’t fall but man was my butt really sore the next day!  I admit, I am still not doing a lot of cross training these days.  I have high hopes but they never materialize. I do know that if I did workout other muscles than the running muscles, I’m sure those gluteus muscles would not be so sore!

All for now, and I seriously (like always) promise to try and take more photos.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Catch Up

    • I was reading your posts and I had found too with some training I’m not sure if I get over a certain amount of miles if that spurs a hormone release of the keep you up kind. Some nights I would go to bed fine but come 1 am I would be unable to fall back asleep until 4

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