Thinking Out Loud #4

These weeks really do fly by! Since it is Thursday, I am once again linking up with Amanda over at Running With Spoons.



1) No small fact that I live in a small city.  Our city has like 15 sets of lights.  My daily commute consists of one three way stop, two sets of lights, and one four way stop.  My biggest gripe about my commute is the four way stop.  I really believe my little city needs a reminder of how these work.  So many times I notice it as a ‘race’ in who can step on their brakes the fastest, or if you can remember if I was truly stopped or just feathering on my brakes, but I’m pretty sure I still stopped before you did even though the person in front of me just went, that still means it is this lanes turn… I could go on about the four way stop shinanigans.

2) The part I hate the most about being a boss is giving reprimands.  I had to do that this morning and I always gets the nervous shakes with it.  I know it needs to be done, that person needs to do their job correctly, but I still feel like I’m the one who is in the wrong!

3) We had a family dinner last night at our house.  My dad brought over burgers, we don’t have a barbecue [side note as I was proof reading I initially spelled this word as barbeque – guess there is no q except when you do bbq…] yet as there is no deck to put it on so we had to make due with first trying to pan fry them.  Holy geez, smoke galore! We then baked them in the oven, but we really learned that you do need to cook hamburgers on the barbecue, inside the house is just no place for that kind of grease smell.  We woke up this morning with the smell still lingering!

4) IMAG2258

Little kiddo loves playing in the ‘bam bam’ room aka the unfinished basement.  He even found a good working stool to sit at and a good bench (couch) to work at.

5) My sister and I played a game of rummikub.  It’s this game based on Rummy but placed with these cubes, the scoring is quite weird, but I was getting tripped out with how each hand our values were the same but switched between + and -.  I was doing it by mental math but I had to get out the calculator as it was seriously making me doubt my math skills!



6) And just because:




8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #4

  1. I have to admit that I’m crazy jealous of your commute. My city is getting a little too big for my tastes, and the traffic is starting to drive me insane… especially in the winter when people seem to forget how to drive properly. I dream of moving to somewhere smaller, but at the same time I worry about getting bored… even though that doesn’t make sense since I’m a pretty big homebody 😯

    • I don’t know what it is about winter drivers. It’s like they always forget that their wheels won’t necessarily work but because they have a souped up truck it doesn’t matter? In all honesty, I do get bored in this small town when I’m trying to figure out stuff to do on the weekends there still is stuff to do but I wish we had more festivals!

    • I am really thankful for my commute, I have lived in bigger cities where it was an hour each way. There is really no way now I could ever go back. I’m even debating in the summer bicycling to work as I’m sure it would be even faster than my car!

  2. I would hate to reprimand someone as well. An adult, I mean. I am a teacher, so I have no problem when it’s students, but I *hate* talking to parents… Not that I “reprimand” them, but like when there is an issue with their child, I feel like I am being the bad guy!

    • Parents are probably the worst as they only think their kids are stellar so no way can they do wrong, but we have to say what we need to otherwise we aren’t doing our jobs.

  3. Good to know about the burgers, I wouldn’t have thought about the grease smell! I know what you mean about reprimanding people. I’m in HR and have done plenty of those meetings and plenty of terminations, they’re not fun but I usually reward myself with a glass of wine when I get home, ha!

    • The smell has dissipated more now, but if you turn on the oven a little bit still comes out! I really wanted that wine right after it happened, but too early in the day 😉

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