A Day in the Life

I did not take as many photos as I had wished to document this day, but I actually did take quite a bit.  Without further adieu, here was my Saturday:

5:08 am: Hear kiddo complaining, drag myself out of bed.

5:15 am: Start to make pancake Saturday!


Time stamp is 5:46, it takes a while to create pancakes from scratch!

6:00 am: Begin eating the pancakes


7:00 am: Kiddo wants to ‘go’ and getting very angry about it too, quickly think there is a grocery store that opens at 7, will go get groceries.  Forgot phone at home, didn’t take photos, only thing to note is I didn’t check my eggs before putting it in my basket and I picked up one with TWO brokens eggs, luckily the clerk checks and got me another dozen.  Kiddo was polite and waved goodbye.

8:15 am: Hubby got two people to start the drywall in the basement, it is LOUD.  Kiddo not too happy about it and is quite scared by the noise.  Trying to figure what to do about the situation, where can we go? I did have  a playdate lined up but not until 11.  I decided maybe we can go shopping, so…

9:00 am: Get back into car to drive to shopping area, didn’t really work, kiddo fell asleep.  He is only on one nap a day, that’s all he needs but apparently he needed to sleep.  So I drove around for probably 45 minutes – such a waste of time! – and then came back to our house as I had decided to grab an item that was at our house to drop off at my parents before heading to the playdate.  Some how time morphed very fast and all of a sudden it was

10:40 am: Drive to playdate.  Even though I live in a small enough city and I know the area very well, I still googled their address before I went, I thought it was a tad odd as it showed that she lived across the railroad tracks.  When I started driving I had written down a wrong number, I ended up at a church, which I knew she also did not live there! Thank goodness for cell phones and internet capabilities as she gave me the proper number.


The purpose of this playdate was that I am needing to set up a day home when my current nanny goes on her mat leave (I will probably talk about that in an upcoming post – I have a few things I would like to get off my chest before they drive me insane!).  The kids really liked each other – the other one is a 7 month old so really how much could he really like the other one. Kiddo gave this baby lots of hugs and kisses!  We were sold.

12:30 pm: Leave playdate, go to Mom and Dad’s, hope they have food for us.  They do, so we eat and play.  Both my parents have been feeling under the weather so they didn’t want us to get too close, but really how can you stop that.  Kiddo absolutely loves cats and my parents have one – she’s a ragdoll? cat so lots of white hair and this one is a spazz attack.  We went on a hunt for the cat, found the cat, kiddo slapped petted the kitty, kitty hissed, hunt for cat over.  My mom also loves birds, so we went into the ‘bird’ room, she has one canary and two budgies.  She let the budgies leave their cages to fly around – boy oh boy did kiddo love that! You can also try to grab the birds to hold but they don’t really like human contact as much anymore, but kiddo really wanted to hold them.  After that we joined Grandpa outside (as it was like +7 out!) to shovel their driveway.


He is doing it the wrong way but we didn’t tell him that.

3:15 pm: It was getting late and kiddo did need to take a nap which I was hoping to do at home but within 5 seconds:


So I drove around for another hour… I complained to hubby that very morning that I hate driving around for naps unless we are going to the city as it is such a waste of my time.  It was so beautiful on Saturday I wanted to run outside during his nap, but nope, no can do said the universe. TWO NAPS IN THE CAR IN ONE DAY! Blargh.  Anyways. I decided to stop driving at…

4:00 pm pull into our house.  The drywallers are still going crazy and didn’t stop until like 7:30!  This is where my picture taking did stop and my memory is fuzzy.  I know we had supper — actually now I remember, my sister had invited us over to have a turkey dinner at her place.  She is notorious for doing multiple things at the same time.  She had booked a photography session and the supper at the same time.  We showed up at her house at…

6:30 pm which supper was supposed to happen at 6.  She was still not there… she had put the turkey in the oven and it was ready so we prepared all the side dishes and began to eat, we sort of had to because the kiddo was starving and needed to go to bed.

7:30 pm hubby took kiddo back home to go to bed while I stayed and played some rummikub.

9:30 pm: The latest I have stayed out/up in a long while.  I quickly got ready for bed and my head hit the pillow probably at 9:37 pm.


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