Thinking Out Loud #5

I can’t believe it is Thursday already! And of course because it is Thursday I am going to link up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons to add my few cents of miscellaneous thinkings over the last few days.


– I first had to look past at previous posts.  I first titled this #3, then #4, and then I saw that “Oh wait, I already did #4 last week”.  Cue #5!

– You’d think with that kind of start that I had a pretty rough night, last night wasn’t so bad, I did sleep from about 8:45 until 5.  It was yesterday that the kiddo decided he wanted cuddles at 3:30.  We ended up sleeping on the floor with him on my chest until he finally wanted to wake up at 5:30.

– I’ve come to the conclusion about kiddo’s sleep pattern.  He doesn’t need as much overnight sleep any more – 10 hours max it seems – which I am fine with.  For the last little while I was debating on pushing back his bedtime from around 7 until 8 so that he would then wake up at 6 instead of 5, but then I decided against it.  I have no issues with always waking up at 5, then I can get my run on the treadmill after he goes to bed.  I was thinking about getting up before he does to run, but that won’t necessarily work as 1) who knows when he will wake up and 2) he hates when I shower (seriously…) and 3) I may want to do a longer run than what I have in the morning so it just won’t work!

– Last night, I went to the indoor track at our multiplex and did 35 laps to complete 5 miles.  Did I ever feel like a hamster on a wheel – even though you get those same feelings when you are on a treadmill.  I had to go to the track as my treadmill is currently wrapped up in plastic as we are getting the drywall finished in the basement.  That means our basement is “this” much closer to being a real basement!!!

– Speaking of the multiplex, we went there on Monday so that I could run on the treadmill while kiddo and hubby spent time running around this one pad. I wanted to upload a video but it says it is in the wrong format.  Boo that!  He looks so happy just running and throwing the ball and playing with other kids! I wish we could do that more but our caregiver situation, she doesn’t have a drivers license so she can’t…

– Also speaking about treadmill runs, when I do run on my treadmill, I have a dvd player on it and lately i have been watching Pretty Little Liars.  It dawned on me that all these ‘highschooler’ shows have them just downing the coffee.  Like!  I know there have been reports now that caffeine does not stunt your growth, but really how can one test for that!


That is enough ramblings for now I think! Enjoy your Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #5

    • I’m lucky to not get the motion sickness, when I was in school I would go to the elliptical and actually study while I was on there! People thought I was crazy then (I was 😉 ). I would love to live where you are, mostly sunshine everyday. I love running outside, it makes any distance so much easier.

  1. I definitely get the hamster on a wheel feeling when I’m on the treadmill, but can you believe that I can’t run on one? I think I have a slight fear of tripping and flying off the back, because the only thing I can manage is a fast walk before my stride gets all wonky. And as much as I love coffee, I think I’d turn into a neurotic wreck if I tried drinking it all day. More than a cup or two and I start getting the shakes big time.

    • Treadmills are hard to get the movement just right – in my early days I would sway to one side, hit my elbow/arm/hand on the one side really hard and than wince because it still hurt as you tried to keep going!

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