Another Just Put it All Out There

1) I can’t believe it is Friday.  This week went by so quickly and I had the weirdest stuff walk into the office that I could have sworn it was a full moon out, but nope just a new moon so that doesn’t explain much this week at all

2) I can’t believe it is already January 31 of 2014.  Already 1/12th done the new year.

This post is going to be a lot of mumbo jumbo things in my head that have been swirling.  I again apologize for the sheer length of all type and no photos; it has just been one of those weeks.

Last weekend (which I don’t think I mentioned it on Tuesday when I recapped my weekend), but I was supposed to have two playdates that weekend.  The first went great, but the second one was to be with a friend that I have known for years and years, it always takes us a very long while to get together but I always enjoy it.  I have found in the last while that unless she needs something from me, I am always the one contacting her. Not that big of a deal, sure it may mean something, but she is a mom and I am a mom and sometimes the days just go by and it is like I could have sworn it was only Wednesday.  When I look back at our planning – I know I’m overlooking/thinking into it – I just don’t know if it is becoming more of an acquaintance instead of a true friend.  I had left a message on one day, two days later I get a response, so I respond right back, but don’t get another message again saying it is either alright that we will meet at said time (actually I had given her two choices) or if another time would be better.  I didn’t get a response from her until 30 minutes before a potential time.  Things changed very quickly on the weekend that we didn’t spend a lot of time in our house because of the basement situation, so I said I would have to reschedule and had offered the next day instead.  But of course, the next day was no good for her but she didn’t give me a date that would be better.  I’m pretty flexible (I don’t do a lot 😉 ) so I can be pretty accommodating to the busier person, but you have to give me notice.

I felt bad in one sense as I had given her that time to begin with but after not hearing from someone for three days after giving a choice, should I really feel bad? And true too, if it is only me contacting is this really a friendship I should be savoring? Another factor to it is we work in the same field and so are in direct competition with one another – that is life, every job has competition – so I don’t know if that is also why she is more aloof.  I never talk about business with her anymore since I moved into the area, but I just don’t know.

Another little rant I would love to get into is my nanny situation but I don’t feel comfortable blabbing that all out to the internet.  It could potentially become very controversial and that’s not what I would be intending for it, it would be more so for me to vent it off my chest as this is the second time I’ve gone through this and I just can’t believe how naive I was, again, for the second time it happened.  (Pregnant nannies on work permits, that’s all I will divulge for now)  My head doesn’t make sense of what my government does for people in this country.

To switch over to another thought, when I went to the running track on Wednesday, I felt a little more like myself than I have in a long time — getting out of the house, doing something a little more social (although how social can one be running on a track right?) but it made me think I really do need to get out of the house even just one night of the week, even just before we put the kiddo down to preserve some of my sanity.  When I got to the gym, there are these courses that are going on that I would always do before having the kiddo and the instructor was saying how much they missed me and they understand why it is hard to get back, but it’s like man I just want to go do a class!

I did go back yesterday at my lunch hour and did a 5 K.  I’m a little amazed, my pace on the treadmill has been slowing lately – like down to a 10 min/mi pace, but on the track, with the 5 miles I did I was under 9 min/mi, and yesterday’s 5K was also a the 9 min/mi mark.  Just that extra spark to my step.  I was going to go again at lunch time since I had extra time, but I decided against it, my legs are a little tight and I do want to run outside tomorrow (regardless of the weather – I need to train some outside for the winter run that will happen in three weeks…)

Enough words for now!  Have a great weekend.


One thought on “Another Just Put it All Out There

  1. Glad you are getting out more! I think with friends, there are several circles. Sometime people move in and out of certain circles depending on both yours and their life circumstances. It’s hard not to take it personally, but you just can’t. I found once I let go of expecting certain people to be in certain circles, life got a little easier. 🙂

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