I, ah, don’t have anything nice to say today.  You know that deal with the devil that I have been working on? Well today is the day that stuff is happening and I am way beyond stressed and as much as I want to vent it out all here I know my wordings will not be choice and will be more coming from an emotional stand point rather than a business stand point.

Therefore I leave you with this:



‘Mom I don’t care if it is -43C with the windchill out, I have put on my own touque and boots on the wrong feet and I am ready to enjoy outside!’


Thinking Out Loud #8

Good Morning my few fellow readers.  I can’t believe it is Thursday once again! Due to a few random thoughts in my head I am going to join up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for her weekly regular.  Check out what all the randomness is about!


1) I had jam in my hair all day yesterday. I had put a little bit on kiddo’s egg-wich for breakfast, he had dropped something on the floor while we were sitting down to eat, which I leaned over and picked up but didn’t realize that I had ‘dipped’ my hair into the egg-wich.  I did run my fingers a few times through my hair yesterday and it was really hard to do in the one area and I had no idea why until roughly 7 pm last night.

2) I also had a rager headache yesterday that made me go to bed at 8 last night.  It is amazing what sleep can do! Woke up this morning and headache all gone.  I don’t like to take a lot of medicine, so I don’t take Advil/Tylenol right away, if the headache stays for more than two days I know I do need to take some as otherwise the headache will not go away.

3) Driving to work today at 7:45, I always have to go through a playground zone.  The sun actually came up relatively early this morning (I’d say I really noticed it being bright out around 7:20) so that means you have to go 30 km/h as the sun is out.  I had a driver behind me who was very impatient and decided to flash his brights at me because I decided to observe the speed limit. Granted I know it is early and still fairly cold outside so the chances of kids playing are slim to none, but this playground is RIGHT NEXT to a school and school starts around 8 and kids are walking to school.  It frustrated me that that man was so impatient even though it takes you literally 1 minute to get through that zone even at the pace of 30 km/h.  Stupid drivers.

4) I really wish I could share the videos I have of the kiddo.  He really likes to vacuum right now (this video I will keep and share with him when he is 11 and not wanting to help with any chores).  I have a nice video of him just enjoying himself vacuuming up his fishies that he dropped on the floor.  The funniest part of it is that towards the end he steps on a few and I say “Are you going to vacuum those up?” and of course he says no and moves on to the next spot.

5) I opened up the beef bar from my Kona case yesterday as the morning at work was so busy I needed a little sustenance prior to lunch.  You know how I described it that it may taste exactly like Turkey dinner? OMG, it did taste like turkey dinner but it was very disgusting.  I ate the one bite and threw out the rest.  Even though I’m pretty sure when we do have turkey dinner I’ll mix a lot of the different items together to create a wonderful taste.  This was like they blender-ed it all up together and then baked it, it was not good, not good at all.

I guess that is it today. I thought I had more ramblings in there but nope!  Have a good one.

Jumping on the Panera Train

Sorry I had a click slip and pressed publish instead of hitting “Add Media” stupid brain not working 100% today.


Depending on how my day goes, I love to start the work day by checking out some blogs.  Today’s theme must have been Panera, Panera, Panera.  Which sadly, does not exist in Canada let alone my small little city.  Although I know the blogs I am reading are getting sponsored for their post, I am not but thought it’d be a great idea today [you can correct me if I am wrong;)]

I lived in the States for 4 years and was introduced to Panera in my third?!?!?! year.  This was sadly a big mistake as they do have the most greatest, most flavorful foods around.  I always loved their creamy tomato soup and a handful of their sandwichs.  Nothing I have found so far back in my homeland compares to the greatness that is Panera.  I hope one day that this chain decides to invade us up here.  As I feel Panera is way better than Tim Horton’s any day of the week (sorry to my other canucks, that is my truth I am speaking).

I am a terrible bread maker, I just don’t have the hands when creating the dough and let’s face it, Panera has great hands when creating their masterpieces.

What am I good at making? Pizza dough.  Pizza was on the menu for us yesterday.  I like to make my own pizza it always seems healthier and better for you, espcially when I top the pizza how I do it.  Excuse the terrible photos, I was going to take more but then forgot and then ate the pizza:


His.  Hubby like ham and pineapple.  This was before the pineapple and cheese got placed on the pizza.  I had rolled out the dough very thinly and because it was so large I had to do a little ‘stuffed crust pizza’ in a few areas to make it fit on the pan.  Hubby had to quickly run out to get pineapple as we did not have any at home.



Hers. Mine had brussel sprouts, broccoli, parsnips, tempeh, nutritional yeast and cheese curds.  Tasty – kiddo actually only ate from this one! Win for mommy! Except he did eat a lot of pineapple on the side so tie?

Like I said I wanted to take more photos of the finished project but we got hungry and got to supper.


Funny, but not funny was this morning, Kiddo woke up hangry.  As I was preparing our eggs, he had seen a leftover can of beans in the fridge and just had to have it while I made breakfast.  He also wouldn’t let me feed him from the can, he had to do it himself.  This is a very blurry picture in our dark mornings of him:



Crazy Kids!

I really want a new phone that has a better camera.  I am almost due for one but still have a few months left on the current contract.  I am excited and am going to start looking at new phones to see which is best – not sure if I can switch 100% over to an Iphone but we will see what the research brings!

Holy Seitan!

Oh man, play on words…. Seitan, satan, been one of those days.  Like I’ve alluded to prior, I’m into the thick of things work wise and somedays I swear I am dealing with Satan himself…

But back to the Seitan.

Last week when I went to brunch with my friends after the race, we went to a local vegan establishment.  One of the racers is a fairly strict vegan/vegetarian/gluten free[I can’t remember which one] and loves this one place and I am always game for trying new things.  For brunch, this other friend and I always get the Eggs Benedict.  I have tried Eggs Benny at too many locations and where it is the best has the worst service possible so we don’t go there a lot.  Anyways, back to the vegan place, I had ordered a Thai Benedict that was made with tofu, seitan, and a peanut sauce among other things.  Holy wow was the seitan ever delicious.  They probably ‘fried’ it up with earth balance but I just could not get the taste of my taste buds and wanted to try and recreate it at home.  So after about a week of trying to find vital wheat protein, which I did at the stinky smell grocery store, the kiddo and I set up to make it on Friday night.

IMAG2406 IMAG2407


The recipe was basically based of this recipe here.  I don’t like thyme, and I can’t remember if we added another spice/herb to it.  I also agree and glad that I used water instead of broth as it does have a very salty taste to it.  It mixed up so easily, so we flatted it out and placed it in the oven.

The lighting at 5:50pm is getting better, but not fast enough...

The lighting at 5:50pm is getting better, but obviously not fast enough…


A close up of a cooked one.

A close up of a cooked one.


It has a very yeast taste to it which is completely fine.  The kiddo loves bread like it is his job (which we don’t normally have a lot in the house due to it plugging up his pipe kind of issues plus I just don’t care for it) so he really enjoyed eating these.  I had purchased some peanut sauce as well which was a great dipping choice for this recipe.


We had a side of miscellaneous roasted root vegetables with red peppers.  Supper did end a little quickly as kiddo did bite into a harder portion and basically bit his tongue which when you are young you have no idea what caused that amount of pain and that it will subside.


Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Seitan’s capabilities.  It is very versatile and when you don’t want meat protein, it does have a good protein punch.




Whenever I write down Kona, I now start to think about the crazy Ironman that happens there.  When I was younger I would watch on the television people completing this race thinking that they were very awesome and maybe one day I would do one.  I’m not going to be doing one anytime soon and it isn’t even on any bucket list of mine (yet) but then again, never say never.

Anyways, this isn’t really a post about Ironman Kona but about a subscription that I have to Kona Kase.  This is a monthly subscription that sends you fairly good nutritious food, and food that normally I cannot get where I live.  I have really enjoyed receiving my ‘kase’ each and every month.  I haven’t posted what I have received lately as the last two haven’t been too exciting.  Sure I have enjoyed them, but they didn’t have that exact “wow” factor.

This time, I’d say the haul was amazing!

IMAG2401 IMAG2402


I haven’t had a chance to get into them yet, I try not to snack too much at work, but with my work schedule, we have a longer morning compared to afternoon and sometimes if the kiddo and I wake up especially early, a 5 am breakfast does not make it until a 1 pm lunch.  The one that I am really excited to try is the Omnibar.  It has an ingredient of Beef!  I’m just curious as to how a bar that has a flavor of “Cranberry Rosemary” with almond butter, sweet potatoes, oats and flax will taste. I’m sure a little like Thanksgiving dinner but you never know!

I find this subscription is very affordable for my area, they do ship to Canada which is swell.  There really isn’t a lot of box subscriptions that do send up to Canada!  Let me know if you know of any others that do!  Not that I want to go crazy with subscriptions, but I like trying new things.

Thinking Out Loud #7

Happy Thursday Everyone!

If you haven’t had a chance to look at Amanda’s Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud series, you definitely need to do that right now.  I don’t want to speak for all, but I think we all enjoy just rambling on about thoughts that pop into our heads.



1) Things that seemed like a good idea at the time, case in point:



Sure he looks adorable cleaning up his mess, but that is an entire box of quinoa pasta on the floor.  I was creating supper and needed both hands, kiddo loves to cook as well but he isn’t a big help in the cutting department so I gave him his own stuff to mix on the floor.  I’d say a good 3 minutes of stirring happened before it all ended up on the floor.

2) Have you ever noticed all ski mountain maps look the same? I’ll see one posted and think “Oh I’ve skied there before” but then you look at the name and then you realize ‘Oh, no, no I haven’t.’ Case in point:

images-8images-9 HSC_Panorama_neu_big_000


3) The sun really does make the day better.  Every so often, the sun decides to not come out to shine on our days.  The sun popped out again on Tuesday and it was very glorious.  I probably have some form of SAD plus I work in a dark room all the day long so I really do need my Vitamin D.  I haven’t been very diligent in my vitamin routine lately and have been slacking on the Vit D drops, although I was starting to think that the Vit D drops when too high of dosage is making me break out…

4) I know each business has their sets of acronyms that they use, I try when I explain to people the acronyms that I use as I know they are not commonplace.  However, I received a sales call the other day and the lady was selling what I heard as “Wee-Miss” and was asking if we had it at our establishment and that if we didn’t we needed too because not having it is slightly illegal.  I was trying to get her to clarify this “Wee-Miss” as for the most part my office is not doing anything illegal, it took a little bit of prodding on my part and this sales lady was getting a little agitated at me for not understanding what she was getting at.  At the end there it actually was for WHMIS – Workplace hazardous material I… S… – which we actually have, but I’m sorry sales person lady, I don’t just say WHMIS when talking to people, although maybe I should start?


A short one today but still very much random!

Photo Dump February 19th Edition

About 5 times a day, the kiddo asks to look at baby on my phone, essentially photos and videos of himself.  I actually have quite a few in there from most recent times which I thought I would share:


I turned my back for 1 minute to clean old food out of fridge:



Never know when our facial expressions will match:



This kid does not follow ‘child-proofing’ rules:



Love finding ways to place water in objects and then drink from it:



Best place to play:



Alright so not a lot of photos but five is certainly more than zero!