Had a mini break

Good morning!

I, or rather we, took a mini break earlier last week. It was our anniversary so we took a little time to spend with ourselves. We went out for a dinner and a movie. We saw I, Frankenstein in 3D, it was a pretty good movie. We really wanted to see ‘The Wolf of Wallstreet’ but we got to the theater too early. We didn’t have any expectations for the movies as I have barely even seen previews but like I said it was pretty good. The 3D aspect to it wasn’t really needed but at least it was the same price.

We then went to a super bowl party, which let’s face it isn’t the same without the commercials. The host also did oil fondue so it stunk the we stunk it was not exactly fun (like you didn’t feel full afterwards) we had to leave before the chocolate fondue which probably was amazing.

We also visited a science museum with kiddo and that was a lot of fun. It is one design to let little kids have fun. He did not want to leave even though it was closing time.


I did do a few out door runs. The first was about -15c not too bad except icy as anything I’ve experienced. I do have these tracks to put on to help, but not sure if my shoes are too wide but they kept falling off! The next one I did it was like -30c with the windchill, it wasn’t too bad either I really bundled up, but what I found is I hate breathing my ‘hot’ air, I like cool air intake but when it is that cold you need to cover up!

Time for a little tmi but I had some bowel issues with both these runs. I have never had any issues like frantically finding a toilet due to fueling or anything before (I was lucky I could eat anything prior and during) but these not so much. The first run I didn’t understand what those feelings were until I got home and then it became urgent. But the other, I had to think really hard and even walk quite a bit until I hit the toilets as it was that bad. I know runners trots happen but I figured I was past that! Anyways…

I got back to work on Thursday, and it was like a madhouse! As soon as I arrived, it was crazy busy until the day was finished. This isn’t that big of a deal as you want to be busy at work, but that is where I do my internetting. Wo I was more upset I couldnt read my blogs!! If that’s not the definition of first world problems, then I don’t know what is!!

While I was out, I got nominated for a liebster which I will get to tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Had a mini break

    • The first one I went to (Avatar) I had the worst headache afterwards, but that one was much more intense than this one. Those glasses can cause some eye strain that is for sure — at least they made them big enough to fit over top of my glasses!

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