When you first start of a blog (well when I did anyways), your first thought maybe “I wonder if anyone will ever start to read my inner shinanigans” but you still put it out there as an online thought journal.  Well, now I do know that I do have some readers that like to check out what is happening in my neck of the woods and I got nominated for a Liebster by Tonya at Healthy Fit and Frugal.


Now, she asks you some questions, which you answer, and then you have to ask some more questions to bloggers.  Now due to some time constraint on my end, I will probably have to come back to this and edit and make up some questions — I’m bad at asking questions plus the amount of headache at work is amazing.  I really need to find a great way to de-stress after work (more details on this to follow probably in a few weeks, sorry to leave everyone hanging!)

On to the ques!

1. If you could play any professional sport, what would it be and why?
I would love to play soccer.  I think it is the running aspect of it, I did play during grad school on a mixed team as they needed more females, I swear I was only on that team because they needed girls… I rarely got passed to and when I did I always felt they regretted it! haha I don’t have good foot aim I think.  But I still loved getting on the field.
2. What is your favorite form of exercise?
I love to run.  I know you are supposed to cross training and I have still been meaning to get into it, but I just love the mind clarity I get from running.  I would also love it more if I could lose weight by it, but I’m not one of those lucky few (either that or it drives my hunger to be insatiable [probably the latter ;)])
3. If you could win an Oscar, who would you thank?
I would thank my mom and dad.  I have been so blessed to have such great parents that have provided me so much so far and how much they will be able to provide for me in the future, I would be forever indebt to them.  I would then have to pull a Hilary Swank and go “Oh, yes, and my hubby and kiddo too” [at least I think she forgot to thank her hubby?]
4. What is your favorite sport in the Olympics (summer or winter)?
This is a hard one, I’m like one of those fans that jump on the bandwagan and support whatever they are watching.  Like yesterday, I was at a lawyer’s office and well, we don’t have cable so I haven’t watched any, but the biathalon was on and I was pretty fascinated by that race! I still have to go look it up who won as a Canadian was doing pretty well.  I do enjoy watching the ski jumps/moguls/half pipe tricks as I’m always so amazed at how they fly in the air!  For the summer Olympics I don’t want to say the “marathon” race, although I would love to be fast like those elites, but I do like to watch the long distance races.  When the Olympics were in Beijing I was living in Oregon and it was super humid, I watched a race and was so motivated to go run in that humidity and I felt like an Olympian myself.
5. If you could have dinner with one athlete, who would it be and why?
I’m not a big sports fan persay and so I don’t have a favorite athlete that I would want to know more about right now by having dinner with them.
6. What was your favorite vacation/place you’ve traveled?
New Zealand.  Not only is it just a cool place that felt like home, we got to go there as a family one Christmas as my sister was doing some schooling down there.  We hadn’t seen her for almost a year so it was a great reunion.
7. If you could only eat one food the rest of your life, what would it be?
Spaghetti with rose sauce with parmesan cheese.  Yum yum yum.  I don’t get to eat a lot of that dish as those types of carbs make me extremely bloated and I don’t digest them well, but I’m just salivating right now thinking about it!
8. Name the top five values you try to live by?
Honesty, Niceness, Helping Out, Be Supportive, and Patience.  Sometimes some of those are easier to do than others (Patience right now during a toddler tantrum is not easy!).
9. Were you ever bullied as a kid? What was that experience like for you?
I’ve been on both sides.  I’m not proud or feel good in the least when I participated in the few bully events that I did (one was making fun of a person’s name — I still feel bad about that one; and the other in my girl friend group a lot of girls were getting catty with one another and so it escalated pretty quick).  I can’t remember what my bully experience was exactly, I know I was in elementary school, it was outside and there was snow, they were saying something about my books – which really I”m sure I was in grade 2, so what kind of books would I really have right? My mom has always said that in my ‘early’ years I was quite the chatterbox, and maybe it was from this I became very very shy – I still have a hard time creating conversation with new people, maybe related?
10. What would you do with your life if you knew you could not fail?
I would actually like to change careers and become more of a natural nutrition consultant.  I listen to a lot of holistic podcasts and I feel like I good do people a great service by providing this service.  I’d also personally benefit from it too as I am trying to instigate some of these principals onto myself!
11. What legacy do you want to leave behind after you die? (Hope that wasn’t too morbid of a question.) :)
Although yes, a little morbid 😉 it does get you thinking as my parents are also getting older and setting up their legacy now too and so I would hope that people would remember me as being a very helpful, nice, caring person that provided something for their community.  I know to get to that last part I have to actually get out and do something for my community but I will soon when the kiddo gets just a tad less attached to mommy.
Now like I said, the available time at work is like peanuts and can’t think of questions to ask some others.  I feel bad that the train ends with me!

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