Thinking Out Loud #6

Good Morning!

This morning I am happy to see that it is Thursday, but I have felt this has been the longest week ever and therefore I feel like it is a Friday but luckily it is not as otherwise I cannot participate in Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud!



1) Branding is such an interesting thing.  Now, I’m not talking about branding cows, but branding stores.  In my town, we just opened up a new Safeway.  We have had an old one forever, but just last week they opened up the brand spanking new store and I felt like I walked into a Safeway from the big city.  Even though I hadn’t been in this exact store, I basically knew where to find things, it was eery yet a very satisfying thing.  I can see how branding works in a way.  Years ago, in my father’s business, his building had to go through the branding process.  The old building was very beautiful we were all sad to see it go, but you do have an image to sell.

2) We were in a little snow-mageden yesterday.  At work, every time that I would get a chance to look outside, the flakes were thicker and thicker.  This worried me in a sense as I have a running race this weekend.  I’ve been worried for a few reasons for this race: a) it’s been so cold outside, like >-30c with windchill and that makes for harder runs b) my lunch hours have been crazy filled with meetings so I can’t run at the track then c) it’s way too dark when I get home to run outside yet after the babe goes to bed and d) my treadmill, until yesterday, has been in shrink wrap.  The silver lining in all this is this:

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 8.13.12 AM


The race is on Sunday, I will take snow on a zero degree day any day! Sure sun is nice but sun on a -30c day still won’t compare!

3) So speaking of d) there, I was so excited that my treadmill finally got the shrink wrap off of it yesterday from when we had men drywalling the basement.  But, I was still unable to use it yesterday as the hubby had painting things that go on the windows and they were taking up all the floor space.



I then got a little closer look at it and initially those men did not shrink wrap anything in the basement.  I get it on one level I mean unfinished basements shouldn’t have anything in them anyways but we did, a couch and a treadmill and a table! The hubby had to go out a buy plastic wrap to enclose our precious basement items.  There is so much dry wall dust on my brand spanking new treadmill that I have had for only three months now.  I am usually not bothered by these kind of things – stuff is meant to be used [our walls upstairs have already taken a beating from the kiddo] – but this one I am.  I waited 15 years to get this new treadmill and parts of it I cannot remove this dust from it 😦



Of course, the men don’t care, they got paid and went onto their next job.

4) This week I have had a lot of lunch meetings, mainly at the lawyer’s office.  The nice thing about this is I get to watch the Olympics while I am waiting for my lawyer.  Yesterday I got to check out the men’s ski jump.  Those athletes look like they are so slowly gliding through the air as they jump 100+ meters! Even though, their speeds clock in at 90 km/h.

5) So speaking of all these meetings, I am having to use my inner most ‘serenity now’ to keep calm through the business shinanigans that I have had to go through the last little bit.  I can’t speak of things on here about it until everything settles but I will get to that in the future.

6) Some ways to make me a little more peaceful is playing with this guy:


Don't worry nothing was plugged in.

Don’t worry nothing was plugged in.

He loves anything construction like.  His motor skills with screwdrivers is quite amazing for a 20 month old (at least I think anyways) he can get those suckers right into the proper screw!


Any tips for removing drywall dust of my treadmill?



3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #6

  1. That really sucks about your treadmill 😦 I really hate how a lot of workers do a halfassed job when it comes to things like that and still charge up the wazoo. I’ve been having a problem with my furnace, and I’ve had to call people to come see it three different times this winter alone, and none of them have been able to help, yet they still insist on charging up the wazoo. Gah! So frustrating…

    • I agree with you there about how they complete the jobs yet the bill is atrocious. This guy too had some kind of money problems as well as he would want cash each day for what he did, which is fine in itself but the way he asked you for it, you knew there were issues.

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