Happy V-Day

Hubby and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day.  When we first started dating we had just met prior to it so we didn’t want to feel forced to celebrate just because hallmark said for us too, so year to year we haven’t done too much.  Well, was I surprised at work today when hubby showed up with kiddo with a bouquet of flowers!  I couldn’t snap a photo as kiddo handed me the flowers as I had to race back to working as the office was crazy!

I am so glad it is Friday in a sense that this has been the longest most stressful week ever – but in the same sentence I have my half marathon on Sunday in the city, sure weather is going to be wonderful, but holy geez I didn’t get to run again yesterday, I am going to over my lunch hour today, but I am so not physically ready for this race!  I know I can do it, or have in the past, and I know that if push comes to shove I can walk all 13.1 miles –> It would be totally different if the forecast was -30 I probably would have just not showed, but for the price of admission and nice weather, I will be doing this race!

I also will be cooking this as pre-race fuel:  Mini Pizza Quinoa Bites

There is always something so satisfying as a pizza taste.  I think I just really love tomato sauce 🙂

Short one for today! Have a great weekend and let’s see how I do on Sunday!




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