Hypothermic Half – Race Report

On Sunday, I got up at the righteous hour of 2:45 because hubby thought it was a great idea, in his sleep mind you, to place his hand on my face.  It was a little like a cat in a sense as he had to find the right ‘position’ to place it on my face.  Basically that woke me up and I tossed and turned until the kiddo thought it would be even better to wake up for the day at 4:30.  I half expected this type of wake up and I had to get up probably at 5:45 anyways to get ready to leave the house, so needless to say, the sleep was not what I wanted the night before a race!

We got up, made some breakfast which was oatmeal, yogurt, and eggs and a big cup of coffee for myself.  I was worried slightly about nutrition this last time as the last few longer runs I have done I have had ‘runs’ I was also worried too in a sense as I was not properly trained for this race.  The last two weeks of mileage has been 10.5 and the previous week was 12.  I know this is not good as you don’t want to increase the mileage in such big intervals but I just couldn’t find the time to fit in the runs.

I left the house around 6:40 to head into the city, picked up my race partner and then headed to the event.  The weather wasn’t too bad, there was a prediction of some snow which had yet to fall, and it was up to a -10c at the start.  There was some mild wind but nothing too bad.  I was looking around at other peoples’ race wear and there was this one girl in a tank with compression sleeves and capri pants! I was like ‘WHAT!?!?!’ I know people can get pretty heated but overall the weather did not rise about -8 and I’m sure the windchill was probably -20 in some spots, but to each their own.

I started out the race at a good 10 minute/mi pace.  When I was running on the track I naturally was doing a 9 minute/mi pace but because of what I said above I didn’t want to push myself and go too fast.  The route was a loop that you did twice, had some hills, the roads were fairly well groomed, I took some gels around mile 5, 9, and again at 11 as my stomach was growling each and every single time.  I did walk through the water stations as I didn’t want to spill all the water down my shirt and wanted to drink as much water as I could get as I wasn’t running with water.  One thing I had noted, there were only porta-potties at the start/finish line… but so very luckily I had no issues with my bowels!  I also had my traxs on but around mile 7 my left one fell off.  I had put it back on but it fell off again about a 1/2 mile later, so I ended taking both off.  This was alright except the roads weren’t bare, there was still some snow, so my legs had to work harder in the last half.  It was around mile 10 that I said to myself I am going to walk 0.1 mile.  Which felt glorious.  It was also at this point an older lady ran by and asked “Are you one of the walkers?” to which I was slightly embarassed as it was the first time I walked and said “No, doing both”.  She was either going to do 1) give me some motivation or 2) ensure I was feeling alright, but I was really put off by it.  I ran again until 11.2 miles, and then again until 12.4.  I then ran the rest of the way.

Considering I was not trained well for this race, when I finished in 2:13 I was very happy that I still felt good, no legs felt strained, and I didn’t get light headed or have any troubles on the route.  It is definitely a lesson for myself that I do need to follow my training plans a little bit better.  Sure you can miss some runs, but not as many as I did.  Had the weather also been way colder I would have DNS for this race, but at $80 for the race it was a little steep.

The race provided us with a nice finisher’s medal and a winter running glove and hat set which because my head is huge, the hat doesn’t fit… And shocker, I did not take any photos! Sorry about that.

I did however go to a great restaurant afterwards with friends and was very satisfied with my meal!


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