Thinking Out Loud #7

Happy Thursday Everyone!

If you haven’t had a chance to look at Amanda’s Running with Spoons Thinking Out Loud series, you definitely need to do that right now.  I don’t want to speak for all, but I think we all enjoy just rambling on about thoughts that pop into our heads.



1) Things that seemed like a good idea at the time, case in point:



Sure he looks adorable cleaning up his mess, but that is an entire box of quinoa pasta on the floor.  I was creating supper and needed both hands, kiddo loves to cook as well but he isn’t a big help in the cutting department so I gave him his own stuff to mix on the floor.  I’d say a good 3 minutes of stirring happened before it all ended up on the floor.

2) Have you ever noticed all ski mountain maps look the same? I’ll see one posted and think “Oh I’ve skied there before” but then you look at the name and then you realize ‘Oh, no, no I haven’t.’ Case in point:

images-8images-9 HSC_Panorama_neu_big_000


3) The sun really does make the day better.  Every so often, the sun decides to not come out to shine on our days.  The sun popped out again on Tuesday and it was very glorious.  I probably have some form of SAD plus I work in a dark room all the day long so I really do need my Vitamin D.  I haven’t been very diligent in my vitamin routine lately and have been slacking on the Vit D drops, although I was starting to think that the Vit D drops when too high of dosage is making me break out…

4) I know each business has their sets of acronyms that they use, I try when I explain to people the acronyms that I use as I know they are not commonplace.  However, I received a sales call the other day and the lady was selling what I heard as “Wee-Miss” and was asking if we had it at our establishment and that if we didn’t we needed too because not having it is slightly illegal.  I was trying to get her to clarify this “Wee-Miss” as for the most part my office is not doing anything illegal, it took a little bit of prodding on my part and this sales lady was getting a little agitated at me for not understanding what she was getting at.  At the end there it actually was for WHMIS – Workplace hazardous material I… S… – which we actually have, but I’m sorry sales person lady, I don’t just say WHMIS when talking to people, although maybe I should start?


A short one today but still very much random!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #7

  1. I totally got a good laugh out of those ski run maps. You’re right — I totally feel like I’ve been there before. And the sun makes SUCH a huge difference. Yesterday was completely grey and ugly, and my mood totally reflected it. I do find that taking Vitamin D helps a lot though… I had no idea it could make you break out, but I’ve just been taking a 1000 UI pill every morning and it’s worked wonders.

    • My skin is fairly sensitive so it really might not even be the Vit D that is making it break out, but also doesn’t help when I think to myself “I haven’t take it in a few days, must drop 15x more drops than I normally do” so I feel it could be very coincidental or even something else completely!

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