Whenever I write down Kona, I now start to think about the crazy Ironman that happens there.  When I was younger I would watch on the television people completing this race thinking that they were very awesome and maybe one day I would do one.  I’m not going to be doing one anytime soon and it isn’t even on any bucket list of mine (yet) but then again, never say never.

Anyways, this isn’t really a post about Ironman Kona but about a subscription that I have to Kona Kase.  This is a monthly subscription that sends you fairly good nutritious food, and food that normally I cannot get where I live.  I have really enjoyed receiving my ‘kase’ each and every month.  I haven’t posted what I have received lately as the last two haven’t been too exciting.  Sure I have enjoyed them, but they didn’t have that exact “wow” factor.

This time, I’d say the haul was amazing!

IMAG2401 IMAG2402


I haven’t had a chance to get into them yet, I try not to snack too much at work, but with my work schedule, we have a longer morning compared to afternoon and sometimes if the kiddo and I wake up especially early, a 5 am breakfast does not make it until a 1 pm lunch.  The one that I am really excited to try is the Omnibar.  It has an ingredient of Beef!  I’m just curious as to how a bar that has a flavor of “Cranberry Rosemary” with almond butter, sweet potatoes, oats and flax will taste. I’m sure a little like Thanksgiving dinner but you never know!

I find this subscription is very affordable for my area, they do ship to Canada which is swell.  There really isn’t a lot of box subscriptions that do send up to Canada!  Let me know if you know of any others that do!  Not that I want to go crazy with subscriptions, but I like trying new things.


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