Holy Seitan!

Oh man, play on words…. Seitan, satan, been one of those days.  Like I’ve alluded to prior, I’m into the thick of things work wise and somedays I swear I am dealing with Satan himself…

But back to the Seitan.

Last week when I went to brunch with my friends after the race, we went to a local vegan establishment.  One of the racers is a fairly strict vegan/vegetarian/gluten free[I can’t remember which one] and loves this one place and I am always game for trying new things.  For brunch, this other friend and I always get the Eggs Benedict.  I have tried Eggs Benny at too many locations and where it is the best has the worst service possible so we don’t go there a lot.  Anyways, back to the vegan place, I had ordered a Thai Benedict that was made with tofu, seitan, and a peanut sauce among other things.  Holy wow was the seitan ever delicious.  They probably ‘fried’ it up with earth balance but I just could not get the taste of my taste buds and wanted to try and recreate it at home.  So after about a week of trying to find vital wheat protein, which I did at the stinky smell grocery store, the kiddo and I set up to make it on Friday night.

IMAG2406 IMAG2407


The recipe was basically based of this recipe here.  I don’t like thyme, and I can’t remember if we added another spice/herb to it.  I also agree and glad that I used water instead of broth as it does have a very salty taste to it.  It mixed up so easily, so we flatted it out and placed it in the oven.

The lighting at 5:50pm is getting better, but not fast enough...

The lighting at 5:50pm is getting better, but obviously not fast enough…


A close up of a cooked one.

A close up of a cooked one.


It has a very yeast taste to it which is completely fine.  The kiddo loves bread like it is his job (which we don’t normally have a lot in the house due to it plugging up his pipe kind of issues plus I just don’t care for it) so he really enjoyed eating these.  I had purchased some peanut sauce as well which was a great dipping choice for this recipe.


We had a side of miscellaneous roasted root vegetables with red peppers.  Supper did end a little quickly as kiddo did bite into a harder portion and basically bit his tongue which when you are young you have no idea what caused that amount of pain and that it will subside.


Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Seitan’s capabilities.  It is very versatile and when you don’t want meat protein, it does have a good protein punch.




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