Jumping on the Panera Train

Sorry I had a click slip and pressed publish instead of hitting “Add Media” stupid brain not working 100% today.


Depending on how my day goes, I love to start the work day by checking out some blogs.  Today’s theme must have been Panera, Panera, Panera.  Which sadly, does not exist in Canada let alone my small little city.  Although I know the blogs I am reading are getting sponsored for their post, I am not but thought it’d be a great idea today [you can correct me if I am wrong;)]

I lived in the States for 4 years and was introduced to Panera in my third?!?!?! year.  This was sadly a big mistake as they do have the most greatest, most flavorful foods around.  I always loved their creamy tomato soup and a handful of their sandwichs.  Nothing I have found so far back in my homeland compares to the greatness that is Panera.  I hope one day that this chain decides to invade us up here.  As I feel Panera is way better than Tim Horton’s any day of the week (sorry to my other canucks, that is my truth I am speaking).

I am a terrible bread maker, I just don’t have the hands when creating the dough and let’s face it, Panera has great hands when creating their masterpieces.

What am I good at making? Pizza dough.  Pizza was on the menu for us yesterday.  I like to make my own pizza it always seems healthier and better for you, espcially when I top the pizza how I do it.  Excuse the terrible photos, I was going to take more but then forgot and then ate the pizza:


His.  Hubby like ham and pineapple.  This was before the pineapple and cheese got placed on the pizza.  I had rolled out the dough very thinly and because it was so large I had to do a little ‘stuffed crust pizza’ in a few areas to make it fit on the pan.  Hubby had to quickly run out to get pineapple as we did not have any at home.



Hers. Mine had brussel sprouts, broccoli, parsnips, tempeh, nutritional yeast and cheese curds.  Tasty – kiddo actually only ate from this one! Win for mommy! Except he did eat a lot of pineapple on the side so tie?

Like I said I wanted to take more photos of the finished project but we got hungry and got to supper.


Funny, but not funny was this morning, Kiddo woke up hangry.  As I was preparing our eggs, he had seen a leftover can of beans in the fridge and just had to have it while I made breakfast.  He also wouldn’t let me feed him from the can, he had to do it himself.  This is a very blurry picture in our dark mornings of him:



Crazy Kids!

I really want a new phone that has a better camera.  I am almost due for one but still have a few months left on the current contract.  I am excited and am going to start looking at new phones to see which is best – not sure if I can switch 100% over to an Iphone but we will see what the research brings!


3 thoughts on “Jumping on the Panera Train

  1. Panera is quite good – in January my wife was sick and the night before my younger son was going on a long-weekend trip to Quebec I stopped at Panera and got stuff and they gave us 3 baguettes … very good stuff.

    Don’t know about the phone – we are all on iPhone 5s, which works great since we share so many services between the four of us. If I went back to Android now it would really mess things up!

    • I’m shocked that Panera is in Quebec! Not that I will go to that province anytime soon maybe they will head out west. I have an HTC right now which I like except for the camera, my older sis has a Samsung with great filming capabilities so I’m leaning a little that way.

      • Oops, sorry – Quebec was a 9 hour bus ride overnight for them! We are in western NY state 🙂

        I had used the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 and they are quite solid … for Android going with Samsung is always safe!

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