Thinking Out Loud #8

Good Morning my few fellow readers.  I can’t believe it is Thursday once again! Due to a few random thoughts in my head I am going to join up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for her weekly regular.  Check out what all the randomness is about!


1) I had jam in my hair all day yesterday. I had put a little bit on kiddo’s egg-wich for breakfast, he had dropped something on the floor while we were sitting down to eat, which I leaned over and picked up but didn’t realize that I had ‘dipped’ my hair into the egg-wich.  I did run my fingers a few times through my hair yesterday and it was really hard to do in the one area and I had no idea why until roughly 7 pm last night.

2) I also had a rager headache yesterday that made me go to bed at 8 last night.  It is amazing what sleep can do! Woke up this morning and headache all gone.  I don’t like to take a lot of medicine, so I don’t take Advil/Tylenol right away, if the headache stays for more than two days I know I do need to take some as otherwise the headache will not go away.

3) Driving to work today at 7:45, I always have to go through a playground zone.  The sun actually came up relatively early this morning (I’d say I really noticed it being bright out around 7:20) so that means you have to go 30 km/h as the sun is out.  I had a driver behind me who was very impatient and decided to flash his brights at me because I decided to observe the speed limit. Granted I know it is early and still fairly cold outside so the chances of kids playing are slim to none, but this playground is RIGHT NEXT to a school and school starts around 8 and kids are walking to school.  It frustrated me that that man was so impatient even though it takes you literally 1 minute to get through that zone even at the pace of 30 km/h.  Stupid drivers.

4) I really wish I could share the videos I have of the kiddo.  He really likes to vacuum right now (this video I will keep and share with him when he is 11 and not wanting to help with any chores).  I have a nice video of him just enjoying himself vacuuming up his fishies that he dropped on the floor.  The funniest part of it is that towards the end he steps on a few and I say “Are you going to vacuum those up?” and of course he says no and moves on to the next spot.

5) I opened up the beef bar from my Kona case yesterday as the morning at work was so busy I needed a little sustenance prior to lunch.  You know how I described it that it may taste exactly like Turkey dinner? OMG, it did taste like turkey dinner but it was very disgusting.  I ate the one bite and threw out the rest.  Even though I’m pretty sure when we do have turkey dinner I’ll mix a lot of the different items together to create a wonderful taste.  This was like they blender-ed it all up together and then baked it, it was not good, not good at all.

I guess that is it today. I thought I had more ramblings in there but nope!  Have a good one.


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #8

  1. That same thing happened to me with honey once, but at least it was easy to wash out. It would have been so much worse if it was something like gum. And i swear that driving brings out the worst in people. I’m super impatient in the car too, but I try to be mindful of things like school zones and residential areas…

    • I felt vindicated later in the day when I went home and there was photo radar in that section if only that dude was behind me again he would have been grateful!

  2. LOL love that you had jam in your hair all day and didn’t notice. Headaches are the worst, especially bad ones. I’ve woken up the last couple nights with a headache so I take ibuprofen and fall asleep with an ice pack on my forehead which usually does the trick.

    • I’m lucky I work in a dark room so most people don’t see things on me like normal. I think any headaches are the worse. I have met a few people that claim they have never had one and I’m very jealous!

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