Dear Phone

Dear Phone,

When I type up a post on you, I’m never expecting it to be formatted well but I at least expect you to post what I typed up on you when I press “post.”  If you keep this up, I may never use you again to put a post up even when I am at home.

That is all,



So yesterday I had typed up a post.  It wasn’t anything special, it was stating that it is a new month, that I cannot believe that we are already into the third month of 2014.  As readers may realize, I hardly ever have photos to put up along with my words.  I had been seeing some photo challenges for the month of March and although I will not follow any one completely, I want to take a picture daily that encompasses some aspect of my life.  I had then posted the photos along with tidbits explaining them.  Today will be a repeat of that as the phone post failed.

In my head, I had another post that I wanted to type up today but I will delay that until tomorrow as it is more of a complaining type of post than anything else.

March 1:



What condensation looks like on the window when it is -47c with the windchill out.



Looks can be deceiving — this sunrise is quite beautiful and peaceful, but we didn’t even leave the house today as the windchill was just that bad!


March 2:



Someone got all cuddles up in his blankets.  Still a very cold day today.



One way to warm up is to make an almond milk hot chocolate.  The chocolate part is a cocoa coconut manna which is so tasty.  The weird part is my burner is red yet the phone interpreted it as a blue color.


March 3:



Someone got into mommy’s makeup.


March 4:



Corn for breakfast is always a good idea.



It did warm up today to a ‘balmy’ -20c, but it was a drift with really thick snow falling down.


March 5:



Playing with an impulse buy yesterday.  He knows what a bunny is yet he calls this kitty because the nose looks similar.


I really do want to keep up this picture streak.  I know it isn’t hard just one photo a day! I’ll be coming back tomorrow to complain just a tad of my stressful life as of late!


Here’s hoping the polar vortex is over!


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