Embracing Spring!

I think for the next few weeks, my postings will be a little sporadic.  Things are starting to calm down on this end, but I know that if I relax too much everything will start to boil over once again.

Remember my photo challenge? Neither do I. But I did snap a few in the last few days.

Monday, March 10:



Always nice receiving a package at work!

Tuesday, March 11:



Went for a run outside as it was +3 out! Love this spring weather.  I know we will get one more dip into the cold side but I still will take what we get.



Watched Julie & Julia. I love subtitles even on english speaking movies.  Hubby hates this.

Wednesday, March 12:

Photo on 2014-03-12 at 08.25


So, Tim Horton’s is doing their yearly ‘Roll up the Rim to Win” so this is the only time I usually drink their coffee as I, cue the most dis-patriotic Canadian ever, hate their coffee.  It is so bitter, always tastes like they burned the beans, and I never win.

Selfies are so hard.  I didn’t ‘proof’ the one I did on my run and I don’t like it, I smiled way too big and so I had major wrinkles around the eyes – I know we are our own worst critique but still!  Oh well.

I was really nice to run outside yesterday, it felt so good to breathe air that wasn’t freezing your lungs.  I have a race scheduled for Sunday and i always get the cold feet with these winter races as last week it was still -30 and unbelievably cold.  I have a friend who lives in the city where the race is held and they have had even warmer temperatures than us and almost all of the snow is melted in the area that we will be running! I’m so happy and excited for Spring/Summer to be here.  Where I live, we still do have a lot of snow but most of the trails are fairly clear except some sidewalks up to the trails.  This became an issue when I was on the return way as it was closer to a time where more people were coming home from work.  I had to run on the street as I live in a newer area so lots of houses are still being constructed and we have a lot of people who live there too but do not feel they need to shovel their sidewalks.  I had to ‘race’ against cars when I approached some very big puddles so I didn’t get drenched!



This wasn’t from that day, it was from mid January when we had an usual warm snap that created oodles of puddles, but that basically looked like my street that I was running on.

I had another night away from the kiddo and hubby last night which was because hubby had to do more things out at the farm, and I always feel like a bad mom when I say that I really needed those last few days to myself just to really really unwind and relax – something that I can’t do as kiddo is always on and needs stimulation.  I do feel recharged and am excited to leave work today as I will see my family.  I hope kiddo has a big hug waiting for me.


4 thoughts on “Embracing Spring!

  1. When we vacationed in the Toronto area a few years back we had decent experiences with Tim Hortons (nothing special, but always fun going somewhere new!) … so when my son was on a school trip up to Quebec City in January – you know he had to stop there 🙂

    When I saw your running selfie and read +3, I had to remind myself ‘she means C, not F’ … because otherwise in your light attire you would have been totally badass (or crazy!).

    I definitely get the puddle thing – I was playing the ‘HOW am I going to manage this stretch of road’ game last weekend … and will probably be doing it again this weekend!

    And getting packages … NEVER gets old!

    • A few weekends ago, I ran a half in about -15C (with probably a tinge more windchill) and there was a girl with capris, tank top, and arm sleeves – now that to me is crazy badass. I’m sure she over heats but I was a little shocked. I love packages, although in Canada our mail system is doing a major restructuring and increasing postage by a landslide (instead of $0.63 per small letter it will be like $0.95) and I don’t know what kind of long term impact that will do, I don’t want to pay even more shipping fees!

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