Hooray for the Weekend!

I know research has proved it, but when the sun is out, the temperatures are not freezing cold, everyone is just so much happier, myself included!  This weekend should be a fairly nice one.  I do have a race (10K) scheduled for Sunday and the forecast is potentially calling for a snow/rain mix but that may also clear up prior to the race.  I also have to try and remember to wear a tad of green as it is a St. Paddy’s day race after all.

Few things that I have been up to lately:

– forgetting to take photos

– I was ‘this’ close to running outside again yesterday but the winds were too drafty – I guess I am that runner who is slightly picky with the runs.  In my defence, when it is still this in between weather, there is still a bit of a windchill that is out there which makes the runs not so fun.  So I went on the treadmill for an easy 5.  I have a little DVD player set up to watch series while I am going and for the longest time I would listen to my own music and then watch the DVD with subtitles.  The other week I was thinking that I should just listen to the series.  Yes my pace has slowed but I was a little shocked as I have been watching “Pretty Little Liars” and I did not imagine everyone’s voices as they are.  Some are so low pitched, graspy, and then others are so high! And then there is one character that has an english accent to which I was the most shocked about.  I am a little interested in this series as I want to know who “A” is but I have to tell you I am very good at guessing plot lines and even guessing what people will say as it is a very cheesy kind of show.

– making parsnip fries and portobello mushroom pizzas.  This was so tasty but ate it too quickly to take a photo – even kiddo ate it up and he is a very picky eater.  I guess the most picky eater in our household is hubby, he refused to touch any of it.  I don’t even know what he had for dinner that night.  I’m thinking he just had candies…

– We are’this’ close to finishing the basement! We got the carpet put in on Wednesday which means we can actually go down there and do stuff.  There are just finishing touches like the cabinets, and you cannot go in the toilet down there either as hubby has hooked up the water as he has to take a line off of the sink which isn’t in yet.


Things I have been looking at lately on the internet:

– I have a tendency to compare myself to others – like when others do 200 mile months and I struggle to get 40.  I really do need to put myself into a better perspective: http://www.enjoyyourhealthylife.com/2014/02/25/you-are-not-diminished-by-others-success/

– Apparently I did not save the URLs I was looking at… I was adding them to a word sheet so I could at the end of the week as some were very interesting, don’t know where it went!



2 thoughts on “Hooray for the Weekend!

  1. The reminder that you are neither improved nor diminished by the success or failure of others is one we should always remember.

    Wind chill has definitely been a pain – I work through it, but for me the worst thing is when it is variable, because I have had days that I range between sweating and freezing as the wind comes and goes.

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