St. Patrick’s Day Run but on a Sunday

I had a fairly eventful weekend and when I was syncing up my phone to the computer this morning, I had taken 30 photos!  That in itself should be a sign that it was a great weekend.

Friday, March 14:

Right after work, I picked up some groceries and headed to our farm property.  After we ate supper, this was outside our window.  Four deers apparently also wanting some supper.   


On Saturday, March 15:

I do believe kiddo is starting to know what days of the week are what.  When he woke up on Saturday, he requested pancakes for breakfast.


We went into the city so I could pick up mine and my friend’s race kit for our race on Sunday.  This is where hubby had determined that my vehicle was either low or empty on power steering fluid.  Luckily, we picked up some fluid and filled it up a tad but something has to be wrong with my vehicle for it to run out of the fluid (and then for the smart motor system not to have the “check engine” light come on).  We also picked up a very small barbecue for our new house at Costco (among other things like diaper wipes).  Going shopping with the kiddo is getting harder and harder as he isn’t liking being ‘caged’ in the shopping cart any more he wants to roam which sometimes isn’t possible in certain stores like Costco.  Hubby also has OCD on keeping cars clean, so we wasted waited 45 minutes to clean my about to die car.  This was kiddo starting to get impatient:



I know, I know he doesn’t look so bad, but if pictures have sounds.  (Hey, aren’t those videos?)

Sunday, March 16:

The race didn’t start until 10 and Kiddo gave me a natural wake up call at 6:10.  We got a lot accomplished before I had to leave.  That included struggling to get his day clothes on:



Trying to take a photo together, but he thought it would be more fun trying to cover my face with the cloth he was playing with:



I then had to leave the house to go into the city and pick up my friend and then go run a little 10 K race.  The conditions were very nice. It was sunny out, not too windy, basically pretty perfect.  The race started very sharply at 10 am (which I love!).  They did give us warnings that a lot of parts of the path were icy.  I did not bring my traks as I had thought things would be pretty much melted in the city.  Was that the furthest from the truth!  The race was an out and back route in a fairly scenic area.  The first mile, mile and a half were great, I had a good pace of 9 min/mi, but that was not to stay.  After that the next who knows how much was so slippery, parts were not gravelled well and because you have a certain pace your legs don’t slow as fast as your head wants them to and you would catch yourself so many times.  I even had to stop and shuffle my feet over areas because it was just that bad.  At the end of the out portion of it, the turn around point was at the highest part of a hill – because I live in a very flat area and the treadmill I don’t play much with the incline (which yes I know I should) that hill killed me and I had to finished walking up it.  

You then turned around and went through the exact same thing until you hit the finish line.  Parts of it when you felt yourself catching your slips, I felt like I was bordering on vying for a Olympic figure skater part.  It was so crazy.  

I came to the finish line in 1:03:28.  

I was really shooting for under an hour, but considering the terrain and how many times I slowed, it was acceptable.  The only non-acceptable part was they didn’t have any bling 😦

Oh well, we went out to brunch where we had the store owner as our server.  Something went completely wrong with our order, it took over an hour to get our food.  The server said the kitchen was backed up, which I do assume in a sense, but it definitely wasn’t placed at the correct time as there were two other tables that showed up way after us (in fact those tables had previous ‘tennants’ that ate and paid for their food before the new ‘tennants’ came) and they got our food before us.  We were hungry people, so we were getting hun-ran-gry, and not that we would have accepted it, but the owner should have done something about the big delay in getting out food.

Got back to the farm, did some other things, and then towards 7:00 pm, got into the car to drive back to home as I work today.  We had a moon rise and I know the photo is terrible, but I love how your brain interprets the size of the moon when it is on the horizon, it appears so so so big!



And then onto today, Monday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.  

My car is in the shop seeing what the issue is with it.  I dropped of the kiddo at his new day care place, so I hope he does well there as I don’t know what else we will do if he doesn’t!  I also started to wonder why we celebrate St. Patrick’s day and have yet to ‘google’ it.  Maybe later


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