Photo Updates (Mon – Weds)








Monday, March 17: Kiddo takes a turn foam rolling.  However, he wasn’t rolling, he was ‘buzzing’ his lips on it.  But of course, he stopped doing that the moment I turned on the video part.



Tuesday, March 18: Supper was spaghetti squash with goat cheese, olives, and tomatoes with a side of baked artichoke hearts (based on this recipe).  It was so delicious.  We didn’t have panko or parmesan, but we did have a little bit left over shake’n’bake and I added non-sweetened shredded coconut and it was so awesome.  I had also taken the can of artichoke hearts from my parents as when we were over there a little while ago, I was in their pantry and they had like 7 cans of artichoke hearts and i was thinking “My mom will not miss one of those cans seeing as she never cooks with artichoke” and I am sad that I didn’t take more!




Wednesday, March 19: This morning. I was taking some apples to work for my mid morning snack if needed, well kiddo thought they were set out for him.  I figured I would just give him one to have while we were getting things ready to get out of the door, but nope he wanted to take a few bites out of both…


Speaking of our day care situation, I think we have found a good fit.  Sure kiddo has cried a little bit each day I have left him, but the lady will text me saying each day he cries less and less and she will also forward pictures of their shinanigans through out the day.  So I am pleased.

At least one less thing to worry about right?



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