I Feel Lazy!

But in a good way so to speak.  I haven’t run since my race on last Sunday – the kiddo has been teething, I’ve been working like a dog, everyone at home has been a little bit cranky and so I have just been relaxing after the kiddo has gone to sleep.  The weather as well has not been so very nice.  After a week of somewhat nice temperatures, Old Man Winter said ‘I’m not finished yet” and we have gone back into the wrong side of nice…

Thursday, March 20:

It was still fairly nice out that I finally bought the kiddo some nice rubber boots so he could splash into the puddles.  Too bad I didn’t get the memo that winter isn’t over.



Friday, March 21:

To keep kiddo occupied, we’ve been playing ‘cooking’ which means throwing some ingredients into a bowl and letting him have at ‘er… the mess is pretty big but the quiet sanity is all worth it.



Saturday, March 22:

Kiddo is sitting right on me when we are playing the vehicle before I get the ‘worst mom of the year’ award, but man he is always watching what we do – he knows where the car keys go and he also knows to turn it… I was astounded.  If we ever play in the car again (which is very typical here) the keys will not be within arms reach!



Sunday, March 23:

We played at Grandma’s for a bit as kiddo wanted to ‘go’ somewhere.  It looks like a fairly nice day but I think it was still -10C.


Monday, March 24:

And then this is what we woke up to:


Hard to grab on this camera, but it is snowing… the snow didn’t stay, luckily, but still I wanted warmth to get rid of the snow/ice pads that are left.  Plus kiddo and I really want to go out in the stroller for a post work stroller run but you can’t do that when there is still a wind chill warning!  I swear on Saturday morning there was a windchill factor of -26!!! Not cool, Spring, not cool.


I will get off my lazy quarters today and either run at my lunch time at home or when the kiddo goes to sleep tonight.  My legs are starting to get the “I’ve got to get moving” kind of feeling.  Plus I signed up for two small races in April so I got to keep what conditioning I have going!


2 thoughts on “I Feel Lazy!

    • I keep obsessively looking at the weather report in hopes that it will change. Already the weekend has gotten 2 degrees warmer, so we will see if that pans out! I look forward to seeing all your up coming races (reports)! I know that many right now is not in the cards for me but something to strive for!

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