Although I haven’t been 100% on the March photo challenge, here are some photos from yesterday:

Sorry it came out so dark, but we finally have lots of light towards the end of the evening.  But that is the kiddo watching his ‘minions’.  He absolutely loves Despicable Me 1&2.



Did a little cooking, was trying for tuna fish cakes, roasted Brussels sprouts and parsnips.  The Brussels sprouts and parsnips delicious, and well, the cakes just turned into a jumble mess.  Must be our lack of humidity, I’d say 1/5 times the cakes turn out like cakes.


Few thoughts that I have been thinking of lately:

– I really like organizing, getting rid of stuff, and making things appear neater.  We have finally (well 98.98989898%) finished the basement.  That meant we were able to go through the crawl space and go through some boxes and organize appropriately.  This meant that the hubby (who has a tendency to never get rid of things) finally threw out some things that he had been holding onto for 15+ years! I found myself so very very happy.  The only problem was when I was helping move a spare piece of carpet into the crawl space I really banged my head on the light fixture.  I now have a cut on my scalp.  Oh well, I didn’t cry!

– Speaking of clean up, I have an Apple computer so I have a reading list that I have added all the blogs that I do read – it is a lot.  I spent some down time yesterday going through them all and deleting ones that I really don’t ever read anymore, or their content hasn’t been what I like to look at for the last 5 months.  I rarely ever do this as you never know what they will post and if you will like it again!  I also deleted a few that had not been updating their blog in like 6 months.  Sometimes you wonder if 1) something horrible happens to them and that is why they don’t update or 2) they really did quit and just didn’t put up a statement that blogging for them is over.

– I have a kobo that I absolutely love, since receiving it last Christmas I have read over 80 books.  But with reading that many books, I’m getting low on new ones to read – anyone been reading a good book lately? Chances are I probably have read it…

– My Fitness Pal.  I went out to brunch with my friends and we got talking about food and diet kind of things, calorie total amounts, things like that.  Most of them really like to use it to gauge where they are and it has helped them lose weight.  Thinking about myself, and just even thinking about the last few months for myself, I really know that the calorie equation does not create success for me.  It really boils down to the quality of the food – ensuring that it is nutrient rich – for my needs.  I do need to make sure I eat enough for my basal metabolism but also the amounts that I do burn off when I am running way more than what I am right now.  I recently read a book called “The Calorie Myth” and how the author broke it down was sure you could eat 1800 calories of processed foods – and for example you could put rice cakes, crackers, chocolate, misc junk like that – and yes you have met your daily calorie total but your body only really needed about 33% carb calories, so all the other 67% of those calories you ingested just got put into fat cells, but you are still hungry because you haven’t met your body’s nutrient needs.  In the last few months, I have had a few things go on with my body and just what he was saying just made so much sense to me.  I will get into this a little more on Friday as this post has already been so much of me just blabbering on!


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