Thursday March 27

The title of this makes it appear like a diary entry, well technically most blogs are basically a diary, so I’m okay!  Since my thoughts are all discombobulated, I’m going to do this in point form:

– IMAG2560

This was our supper.  Yes, kiddo has to sit on my lap, and yes we share the same plate, and yes he had to have a side of corn on the cob (times 2), and yes he ate most of the noodles.  The most yummy part, however, was I made a chicken curry minus the chicken and subbed in portobello mushroom with kale and broccoli.  I loosely based it off this recipe.  Now, she makes really good stuff!

– IMAG2564

My ‘new’ running area.  Now that the basement is that 98% finished, we’ve decorated ever so slightly meaning I finally got to hang up my medal hanger!  Truth be told, I still haven’t run in the last few days.

– Reason why I didn’t run yesterday? I had to pay bills over lunch and then when kiddo had to go to bed starting around 8:00 pm (which he held my hand, took me to his room, and said “bed”).  I believe we are past the crib stage as he refuses to go into it and so we have been putting him to sleep on the floor.  We have gotten into the bad habit that he lays with me while falling asleep.  Turns out I fell asleep too until I awoke at 8:45 and was like “Darn it!”, got myself back up for a tad, got on my pj’s and then went back to bed.  Now, we have gotten him a twin bed in the other room to transfer him onto a ‘regular bed’ but oh no, why bother sleep on a nice surface right? He likes to play on that twin bed, but doesn’t understand when I try to lay in there with him to say this is where we can go to sleep.  It’s sort of like the potty training issue – he refuses to sit on that little toilet for longer than 2 microseconds.  I just know potty training him will be ridiculous.

– Driving to work this morning I had to stop at a light.  No biggie, except it is a light that sometimes the green arrow will go first, and I had to go straight.  Honest to goodness, there was no green arrow this time but the person across from me turning left decided it was his turn anyways and went.  Good thing I am a fairly good driver and paying attention, but it did make me do a double take ensuring that I did, in fact, have a solid green for myself.  Crazy small town drivers!

– I am obsessed with looking at the weather right now.  More specifically what the temperatures will be on the weekend as I really want to get out there and stroller run.

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 8.59.07 AM

Please, Spring, please, please make an appearance already!


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