One of my new year’s resolutions was working on my food.  I was trying to focus on more healthy/clean somewhat of a Paleo kind of lifestyle.  I do have to say I haven’t been very successful trying to implement this type of lifestyle into my every single day, but I have been better on my eating overall.

I’ve had a few major aversions to eating a lot of meat lately.  A big tenant of the Paleo lifestyle is a good portion of your meals is protein, healthy fats, and loads of veggies.  Every morning for breakfast (except Pancake Saturdays), the kiddo and I have sausage and dippy eggs.  This holds me very well usually until lunch.  If I get too ravenous, I will have an apple microwaved with some almond butter.  At lunch, I can sometimes get a little more protein in me, but by supper I detest all meats and have had to try and find a more balanced way of getting good nutrition in for me but also preparing some meats for the two growing boys I have in my household.  I even hate going through the meat aisle when grocery shopping and I swear my hubby forgets when I tell him it is up to him to pick out the meat we need to eat.

Why such a strong aversion to meat you say? Well…


I think those pictures sum it up nicely, my bump really isn’t that big just yet, just looks like I have gained weight.  We are about 16 weeks out – I actually have a harder time remembering this time around if I really am 16 or 17 weeks.

Things that have happened in the last few months:

– major major major exhaustion. Like when the kiddo goes to bed at 8, I follow shortly after, it still hasn’t really let up yet, it’s not as bad but I’m still just overall tired.

– I have also realized that as much as I am so tired, I have yet to sleep through the night myself since I was pregnant with kiddo – so that’s about a good 28ish months of waking up at least twice each night.  I usually wake up each night around 1-2 and again at 4.

– I have terrible bouts of insomnia.  I hate waking up and seeing the 2 o’clock hour on the clock as sometimes it will mean that I am up for the next few hours being restless.

– Acne.  I had this with #1, and it’s not just on my face either, I have not seen my shoulders, back, and chest like this since I was a teenager.  With kiddo, it was just my face, it wasn’t the other places.

– Indigestion.  I’m very lucky with both that I am not really nauseous at all, but this time around I was having major stomach issues prior to getting pregnant (I was being checked out for an ulcer it was that bad) so I assume I just had more issues this time around as my stress level was just that much higher.  That means for me, burping way beyond anything that is normal.  Some foods really produced the indigestion more so (like the turkey I had at lunch yesterday), but sometimes it’ll be the ‘easy’ food that decides that day to be more gas producing.

– Running is still going alright.  My pace has slowed significantly.  If people have been reading my last few race posts, my races have been soooo much slower than what I like.  I still know what I can do, but my legs just don’t budge.  With #1, I stopped running at 20 weeks as it felt too weird but I also didn’t purchase good support.  I was very active with my last pregnancy, doing a lot of exercise classes, I did get a good band this time around which I hope to continue running as I don’t get out to do those exercise classes at all anymore.

– Food wise/Weight Gain: +3 pds.  Which this is where I compare most of the differences between Preg #1 and preg #2.  I was so very anal last go around, monitoring everything I ate, making sure I was still very active, and probably overall restricting way too much.  At this point with #1, sure I was a good 10 pounds lighter pre-preg weight, but probably gained about 3 pounds as well.  This time, I am only weighing myself at the doctor’s visits (minus the first month) and not being restrictive with what I eat but eat when I am hungry and just to make sure the foods have more value to them.  What I have noticed is that in the first month – when the ‘typical’ pregnancy should gain no weight – I gained 5 pounds very very fast.  When I saw my Doctor for the week 12 visit (the first one I get as I am very low risk) I had actually lost 2 pounds – so overall gain was 3, and now at 16 weeks, I am holding steady at +3 pounds.  To me it feels weird as I am eating a lot more now than I ever was yet my body is doing exactly what it should be, getting rid of the excess and keeping what it needs.  I have also told the Doctor that I do not want to be so weight obsessed this round (which I will chronicle as we go to mirror my last pregnancy) and if she has concerns she needs to tell me as I am going to let my body do what it will do as long as I am fueling with the proper foods, I will be okay.  That’s not to say I haven’t indulged, as I definitely have had more sweets than I care to admit, but overall I am feeling better about my nutrition.

– At the end of the day though, I do not enjoy being pregnant.  I didn’t with the first, and this time, to me, it is more apparent how depressed I get with the added hormones, weight changes, and of course I already have a dependent body needing me play and interact with him all day long.  I didn’t really understand it last go around, but I do this time and I am trying my hardest to be happier especially since the kiddo doesn’t understand what is happening right now anyways and why mom is so cranky and tired – sure hubby does but as I was reading a new book last night, a lot of men cannot deal with the emotional-ness of women and don’t want to see their partner’s upset so instead of gaging in conversation about said depression they would rather not and have that person deal with it by themselves.  This to me just means I need to branch out more towards my friends and family to get the emotional support – I’m not by any means saying hubby is off the hook as he isn’t – but I need to not be so afraid to discuss my issues with friends.  Yes, many do not have kids so do not understand exactly what I am going through, and some are able to be stay at home moms so also don’t understand the working mom issues, but I can’t be embarassed by how I feel.

Anyways – that was a long one for today!



2 thoughts on “16

  1. Congratulations on the pregnancy! Hang in there! Definitely find a support group within your friends. Men may try, but they just don’t understand all the hormonal stuff with pregnancy.

    With my first I was super active, with my second I just chased after the first. I ate when I needed to and luckily seemed to crave mostly healthy foods and with both, I gained almost the exact same amount, which was the high end of normal weight gain. But in both cases, I shed the weight quickly, so I’m pretty sure my body did what it needed to do. Trust your body.

    • Thank you! It’s true, men just don’t understand those hormones. It’s interesting to compare pregnancies as with the first, you have no kid so you can do whatever you want but by number two, you still have to deal with number one! And they do take up a lot of time 😉

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