EPS 10 K

I had another race on Sunday.  When I woke up this is what Sunday looked like:


Yes, we did get about 2 inches of snow over night.  Now, mind you, it was still above freezing so stepping on it, you could tell that that snow would melt away right away.

When I got into the city, this is what the race course start line looked like:


Very muddy for the first kilometer or so.  It wasn’t that warm out, maybe +1/+2 and complete overcast.  I wore a long sleeved shirt with my wind breaker over top and did have this make shift ear warmer on my head.  I really wanted gloves at the start but forgot those in my home town so I had to pull down my sleeves.

Wouldn’t you know it, though, within about 1.5 miles in – just after the first water station – I was over heating big time.  This would have been fun to see me tear off my layers as since I was so cold at the start I placed my Garmin over top both of my sleeves, so I had to take that off, take off my wind breaker and then tie my coat on my waist. I really could have dropped it on the side lines as it was an out and back loop but I just didn’t trust that and my car keys were in those pockets.

This course also didn’t have a very nice elevation in it – not as bad as the last one – but I still walked up the entire hill:

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 2.31.12 PM



I finished in 1:09:01.  My Garmin also said it was a 6.34 mile course, so a little long.  I declared at the end that this was my last long race.  I had to go #1 basically since the start of the race and I literally went about 5 minutes prior to the race starting, so that wasn’t fun.  My belly isn’t giving me a lot of grief like it did last pregnancy, it’s not jiggling and feeling weird even though I haven’t worn any support gear yet.  My friend and I would like to do more runs which I will stick to the 5 k distance from here on out. I also have to see if I get motivated to get running/jogging again sometime during the day.  I was going to go home at lunch and run but then my mom invited me out for lunch instead.

And just for fun:


Seeing what kind of tractors/combines we need to get for the farm!  This kiddo loves all things truck and car like.


It’s A…



To say I was blind sided with that information is a bit of an understatement.

You see, I really swore it was a boy, through and through, this pregnancy was identical to last.  The hubby swore differently saying that I was way more hormonal, way more tired, way more _____, but I argued differently as I feel exactly the same.  So when the tech said “Girl” I almost cried in a “I’m a bit afraid of having a girl” kind of way.  It’s also a bit of an internal battle as like I said before everyone and i mean e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. was saying girl girl girl girl girl and it made me mad in a way that they don’t have a say what it is, in fact I don’t have a say really in what it is, only the hubby did and even at that it is a 50/50 chance.

Now I get to pick out frilly out fits and allow my child to grow out their hair! Hubby hates when the kiddo’s hair gets too long so he does get regular hair cuts.  I guess another one for the win!

Weeks 17 – 20

I decided not to do a ‘every week’ update kind of post.  Pregnancies for me are pretty non-chalant.  There are no big issues, I don’t have much nausea/pains/aches and so the updates would get very boring very quickly.

The last four weeks have been about the same when I compare Preg #1 to Preg #2.  The only big thing I have noticed is that I am still very much exhausted almost every day.  I don’t work out a lot which I feel may add to it as I miss out on those endorphins.  I haven’t been running a whole lot, I feel a little ‘over it’ at the time being.  I do have another race on Sunday (a 10 K which will be my last long run – after that I’m going to probably do a max of 3 or 4 miles at a time).  I still want to be able to run three maybe four times a week to get the blood flowing, but lately it hasn’t really amounted to much.  I also just cannot get up in the morning, I need to go to bed really early, and so for me I just do not, or cannot, find the time to get on the treadmill.  Once the weather warms up a bit, the kiddo and I will go for a stroller jog after supper, but I am having trouble finding the time.  It also doesn’t help that it is revving up in the farm way of things so I really don’t have the after work support.

Big things to note would be that I am craving a lot of salty things and to top that off because when you eat more salt you want way more water, I guzzle a lot of water.  I still am not sleeping through the night just like the last two years or more, and I find I am getting up once or twice to go to the bathroom.  Now when I remember last time, towards the end I would get up a lot to go to the bathroom but the volume output would be peanuts basically as the babe was sitting way too much on the bladder.  This time around I am doing lots of output at each time.  Which last night was a key example, I went to bed at 9, woke up at midnight, had a big out put, had insomnia until about 3, so I went to the bathroom right before that and had a big out put, and then when I woke up for the day at 6:30 again, full out put and I didn’t drink any fluids during the night, but boy was I parched!  There are some nights too that I try to restrict the water intake prior to bed but it doesn’t matter, I still go at least once.

This is something I will mention to my doctor as I don’t know why this time around I am more concerned about potential gestational diabetes.  I don’t think my blood sugars are out of whack – I’m not experiencing the low blood sugar shakes at all, or the opposite I believe – but there is something about the amount of water that I crave.  I woke up this morning very bloated from the excess salt that I consumed yesterday so I am going to really try and work on that.  I did weigh myself this morning (probably bad idea) and I was up +12 lbs.  Wow.  Probably if I weighed myself tomorrow it’d be a few pounds less as I am sure a lot of that was water weight.  At week 20 last time, I was up 8 pounds, so overall not really that different, I just already feel like a cow and it didn’t help that I over did the salt.  I also have wonderful bouts of insomnia that I can’t figure out why I have them (like food/other related) so of course I just chalk that up to pregnancy.

I was suppose to have my visit with the doctor today but I had to reschedule until next week as I double booked myself.  Usually the doctor’s visits trump anything else, but I am bringing in someone from out of town for an interview and that sort of trumps the doctor’s visit this time.  So I will have to wait to see what she says about the water/salt thing.

This past Easter weekend, I faced my first “Wow, you are soooo much bigger than this person I know that is about the same week as you”.  That came from my lovely sister in law.  Now, my in laws don’t have much of a filter in regards to speaking, it was how they were brought up (my hubby is a prime example of this and the things he says sometimes) I didn’t really respond as I was thinking “Thank you, you just committed the cardinal crime when talking to a pregnant woman, especially one that has body issues, I never ever want to hear how big I am – I can say that about myself but you cannot say that to me” but of course it didn’t come out vocally, I am sure it was plastered on my face as my other in-laws piped in saying that you show way more faster the second time around to which the offender was like “Oh I didn’t know that”. I didn’t say much after that to her about how I felt as I feel bad in one sense as she really wants to have/carry her own kids but is very reproductively challenged and is starting to go through menopause early so her hopes every month go down and down and so I don’t want to be a meany when I know she is suffering having people really close having babies relatively easy.

Here are some progression photos.  I did basically pop out this last week instead of just looking ‘fuller’:


And to compare with Preg #1:


I was in way better shape last time too, but as a first timer I had no idea what to expect and how my life was to change once the kiddo arrived.  I also, mentally, think I am way bigger as I weigh about the same now as I did when I was ready to give birth with #1, but I started at a much different weight so I really cannot compare directly.  Just got to keep going on day by day I guess.  I also look like I have more of an arch to my lumbar area, must be the terrible posture I have accumulated carrying the kiddo in my arms!

We find out the gender on Monday.  I have a feeling what it is, but of course everyone says “Girl” because of course if you have one boy you must have a girl.  It’s sort of frustrating to hear people say it all the time, and I do mean everyone.  Oh well, just a few more of my gripes being pregnant.


Now, for the next part of these series, instead of places that I have lived, I am now going to show places that I have been.

First stop is London, England.

I went here with a great friend after completing my 8 years of school.  She was just finishing up travelling abroad for about a year and had to come back to one of her starting points in regards to her flight back, so we did the best thing and met in London.

So there we were, a newly graduated student (ie low funds) and another traveller who has been travelling for a long time (ie low funds) decided to go to a place that is somewhat expensive compared to the Canadian dollar and therefore had to stay in a not so great hostel situation.  This wasn’t too bad except there were about 15 of us sardined into one large room and a girl decided it would be a great place to get very frisky with a boy.  Now if I have to get picky, he was ‘respectable’ in a sense that he was absolutely quiet.  Her on the other hand, let us all know how she was feeling.  This also happened on the bunk right across from our bunks.  I was about to say something when my friend yelled out “Do you know how disrespectful you two are being, shut the F*&^ up.”  I love her!

This lady also decided the next day she wasn’t done having enough public affections that her and most likely another boy had some fun in the shower…  This would make it the last absolute time I would ever be on vacation very cheaply, I decided that right then and there.

Fotor0417142041 Fotor0417142351 Fotor0417142243 Fotor0417142159

Now, most of these it has been so long i cannot remember what most things are called.  The most memorable things are that we walked so much I broke my sandal and had to fix it with tape to make it home.  I love to take sunset photos.  I love to mimic statues.  I also had a lemon placed in the bottom of one martini that I drank and when I bit into it, I had to second guess if it really was just for decoration, it tasted like lemon cleaning solution.  I also tried my hand at being a paparazzi as the Queen had emerged from Buckingham Palace, but too many people were crowding her vehicle.  I also really like the artist Dali and there was an exhibit with a lot of his artwork there.

Wednesday Photo Dump Time



I cut up some nice avocado for the kiddo and he ended up sitting on it.IMAG2628

Our attempt at transferring kiddo from the floor to his bed (seeing as he transitioned so easily from the crib to the floor, he refused to go into the other room where the bed was initially set up.  So I moved the bed into his room and will most likely move the crib to the other room instead.  He started off easy enough on the bed, but by morning:


IMAG2620 IMAG2600IMAG2602IMAG2611 IMAG2609 IMAG2599

And no, it wasn’t really that hot here, but where my car is parked at work it is like a heat sink and always makes it hotter than what it actually is.  I thought I would snap a photo and dream of weather this nice.  This day (April 8) was actually like +15 out.

One Last Thing

I saw this on another blog and thought it was cute.  It was a link up but of course by the time I perused it, the link up was closed.  Oh well.  Thought I would still do it.

Last Thing I lost:

And the first question is a stumper.  How about this one time I went shopping for some new underwear, I saw a really cute tank top for $5 and so I impulse bought it.  I went home, took out my purchases from the bag and really thought that the sales person only put the underwear in the bag, not my shirt.  I went back the next day to see if the shirt I purchased was left on the counter.  The store manager went through the security tape and saw that my sales person indeed put my shirt into the bag as the first item and I did take that whole bag home.  I profusely apologized for wasting their time but then was like “Where in the world is Carmen Santiago my shirt?”  I went home, scoured under my bed, looked through the empty bag, looked everywhere.  I really thought I lost it.  A few days later I was going through my tank top area and low and behold under all my other tank tops, I had already folded up that tank and put it away… And no I don’t think I was pregnant at the time either so no pregnancy brain moment there.


Last Time I Cringed:

I don’t actually really know.  To me, cringed means like being eerily irritated and then having to go “blah” and stick your tongue out (I’m not sure if that is a good description but that is what I am sticking with).  I did have a client whom I could smell their natural hair oil aroma.  I can usually put up with a lot of different smells, but this one I do not like.  Funny enough, when my significant other has not showered in a few days, his hair smells like this and it really does make me go “Get in the shower right now”.

Last Celeb Crush:

We just watched Thor, the first movie, and that Chris Hemsworth is very drool worthy and the fact that he is a very strong family values kind of man just makes me swoon.

Last Adventure:

To be honest, we haven’t (or I haven’t) gone on a lot of adventures in most recent times.  I honestly would think the last time I did was during marathon training and doing those extremely long runs (there was a 18 miler in bear country) which was the most adventuresome I have been.  What can I say, I don’t get out much.

Last Time I Danced:

The other day.  The kiddo and I dance a lot!

Last Friday I:

Went up to the farm and enjoyed another brisk fall weather day – oh wait it’s Spring? Who would have thought that with the mix of snow we had today… Come on May!  It was also a fairly interesting drive as the muskrats must have just been coming out of hibernation as I was THIS CLOSE to running one over but I just narrowly missed it.  Then I saw two more dead on the road on the way.

Last workout:

At the time I wrote this up, it was my 5 miler race.  I’ve gotten a little busy with life again and for time management I have three opportunities each day to work out.  1) In the morning, which I still cannot get up before I need to yet, 2) During lunch hour, which I have been having a lot of meetings at lunch again or 3) after kiddo goes to bed, but I have been fairly tired again so I really haven’t been pushing myself.


Those are all the last questions they had!


Spring Race Run Off

Alternative Title: Mother Nature Should Be Fired

I ran this little 8km/5mi on Sunday April 13.  Initially the weather was supposed to be a ‘balmy’ +10 or more degrees with the sun shining and the birds chirping.  Well, as we all know, the weatherman cannot usually accurately predict the weather.  It was dang nab it cold.  In comparison to the usual winter weather it really wasn’t that bad but as I left the farm at 8:30 am, the car read -2.  When I got into the city, that temperature had switched to +2 and it was fairly cloudy and there was a good head wind creating some wind chill.

The race started promptly at 10:00.  There was no actual ‘start line’ just the dude firing the gun.  But soon, we were all off.  What I liked about this course was there were no mile markers.  I don’t know why, but for me, the mile markers make the race extremely long.  It always seems that the first kilometre or first mile is absolutely the longest one ever, so it plays on my mind.  The route was basically an out and back and on the way out there was the ferocious head wind that made you absolutely freezing.  There were also two death hills that I ended up walking up both as I swear the incline was like greater than 20%.  On the way back, I did start to get over heated as now the wind was at my back.

Actual Incline:

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 9.31.31 AM

Yes.  They were hard.

What I also liked about this course.  It wasn’t a true 5 miler, it was only 4.75.  When you are already spent, that last 0.25 of a mile was nice not to do!

My official time was 48:50.

What I also found funny about this race is that the race I did a month ago was actually a lot warmer.  Maybe it wasn’t as I probably over dressed for the one a month ago, so this one I may have under dressed as I thought it would be way way way way way warmer than what it actually was.  Oh well, that is mother nature for you.