Happy Wednesday!

The last week or so I have been reading “The Happiness Project”.  This author took a year, made individual monthly goals, to try and make her life more happy.  The book had a great premise and started off really well, I found myself head nodding to many of her first half of the year goals.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t really like the Sept-Dec goals and found myself really speed reading the last half of it.  On one hand, I really liked how she divided up her year into the months as sometimes making huge goals can be more daunting than keeping small ones.  I know myself had large “New Year’s Resolutions” that have been kept somewhat but the bigger picture I tend to do a ‘self failing prophecy’ when I set my bar too high.

I had really one goal in March which was to take a photo everyday.  I didn’t do it everyday so in essense I failed.  I didn’t do too bad and would like to continue this goal into April.  I also would like to ensure that I eat quality foods, I already do this with my kid so why don’t I make sure that I do that same for me.  And lastly, I would like to continue to keep as active as I can, ie run or jog.  I have purchased a better support system this time around.  Even though I haven’t felt the need to use it just yet, I may start to use my less supporting support band that I had from last pregnancy as I do feel the ‘jiggle’ just a little bit when I run my paces.

Without further adieu here are some photos from the last few days:

March 30:



We bought the kiddo a bike.  He loves it.  Although yesterday when we came home from the day home, he had seen a little girl’s bigger bike on the ground and screamed the entire way home wanting to play with that girl’s bike and I kept on telling him “But you have your own bike at home which we play with in T-minus 5 minutes” but of course when you got home he wanted nothing to do with his own bike…

March 31:


So the opposite of potty training… This never been used potty is always in the bathroom, kiddo thought it would be a great idea to bring out to our living room and then work on some kind of work.  At least he is getting used to sitting on it right?

April 1:


I helped hubby do his taxes.  I hate this part every single year.  He is a good person in the fact that he does save all his receipts, but then he waits until the last minute to have ME calculate them up.  I may seem, I don’t know the word, pompous in a sense as I send all my stuff to the accountant and have them deal with it.  I know I cannot write off a lot of stuff that he can so it’s not as much work for my accountant.

April 2:


The solution (or semi-solution) to the tantrum from getting kiddo out of pjs into his day clothes is to get him to do it himself.  This was just this morning and we had lots of time to get ready, but he refused for me to help him get them on until about thirty minutes later.  I was alright with this as there were NO TEARS this morning.  Also, if you note the background, that crib is still not used and the baby monitor is actually monitoring the floor.  He still will not go into his ‘big boy’ bed.


I think I have to start writing a few of the thoughts down that I have in my head as I know I had some other things I wanted to write here but they have vanished into thin air… oh well, must be Wednesday and the last of my working five days a week for at least a month.  Now I found the word I was looking for earlier and the word is SPOILED.  I know I am spoiled for not having to always work 5 day work weeks – I am way too tired when I have to, I really prefer 4, and sometimes 3 work day weeks.  Yes, I am spoiled when it comes to my profession and business!


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