It’s a Snow Day!

Yeah, right, like we would ever have a snow day.  I think it would have to be a ‘snow-ma-gedon’ like probably 10 feet of snow overnight before we would do anything like close up shop for the day.

But yes this happened last night –>


And yes, I will NOT be shovelling my side walk.  Funny story, the actual last time our driveway got shovelled, our very nice neighbor did it since usually when I shovel the driveway I will shovel their side of the sidewalk as literally they have maybe 4 feet of it and their driveway isn’t cemented yet (just gravel) and I have no issues continuing what I am doing for that short of space.  I’ll do it again next year even when their driveway is finally paved.

Another stupid story, as I was driving to work today I was behind a taxi van.  They had a disclaimer on the back of their window saying “Warning: this vehicle backs up with no warning, please stay back 8m” which I was a bit confused as this is just a taxi, it is not an emergency vehicle, it does not place gravel on the road, it does not remove the snow, it does not pick up our garbage, so I was really confused as how can this taxi, sure it is a van not a sedan but still only picks up people, have a special ability to back up where ever they want? Even if they are driving on the busy street?  Maybe they do have a special class, but I’m not 100% sure.

This is a stupid/interesting story day.  Alberta probably has the most liquor stores per area in any place ever.  We must drink a lot (I don’t, not because I can’t right now, I just don’t).  The funniest thing is that near my work there is a liquor store and I had noticed that in the same building but on the opposite end ANOTHER liquor store was going into that building.  So two within very walkable distance.  But, then I saw that the first store was actually bought out by that second and they had moved to make it bigger (naturally right? need to house more alcohol!).  It’s just funny that we need another liquor store in town.

Lastly, I finally announced to work that I am indeed pregnant as “I can’t hide it anymore.” So cue up the “now you can eat anything, want this donut? want this sugary ding dong? want this _____?” My office has an obsession with Tim Horton’s and not only right now do they get a lot of their terrible coffee (which I finally won today another coffee through the roll up the rim promotion) they also get a lot of their ‘crap’ to eat on the side.  I never show them my somewhat disappointed eye as really those donuts/muffins/misc stuff just isn’t that good for you, but they can eat whatever they want and just like that I can eat whatever I want but I choose not to eat that stuff, this was even before I was looking more into the ‘whole foods’ movement of things, I just do not want to put that stuff into my body, whether I am pregnant or not.

Anyways, weird post for the day!


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