Oh the Places You Will Go

I was going through my photos the other day to find a photo to place in a frame that I got for my parents.  Shockingly enough, I actually used to take a lot of photos.  That probably was because I used to have a very nice point and shoot camera that was demolished when we went to Mexico last year as my hubby had given my kiddo (then 9 months old) the camera to play with which ended up in his mouth and the saliva damaged it all…

What I had noticed is that I actually am pretty proud of all the places I have been and all the places I have lived.  For my grad school, I did live in the States for a period of time and then for my rotations, I ‘rotated’ through a few different places and I would like to share some of that here.  After I share those few places, I’ll share some of the places I have travelled to, I feel very accomplished when I think about what I have done in my younger years.

To start, I will talk about Walla Walla, Washington.  Just saying that name brings back some great memories.  I lived there from May through August of 2008.  I was there with a classmate and I was literally this close to killing him by the end.  It was not a good roommate situation, but at least the town was there for me to explore.

Walla Walla is known for a few things: their sweet onions (which I hate onions so refused to try while I was there) and, surprisingly, their wine.  Like I’ve said prior, I’m not much of a drinker so I didn’t go wine tasting at all.  While living there, I was still technically in school and had some huge ass tests that would be coming up in the somewhat near future and so I would spend the weekends at a local coffee shop (which they had TO DIE for coffees, so so so so so good coffees compared to what I can get locally now) and usually indulge in a red velvet cupcake or miscellaneous baked good.  They also had a really nice candy shop that made delectable delights.   Probably surprisingly, I didn’t really gain weight here! They had a really cheap YMCA that I went to all the time as I had really nothing else to do.  I also would go run outside and this is the first place ever that I experienced dehydration as I went for a really long run accidentally, in more humidity than I’ve ever really been in, didn’t have water, didn’t really have proper nutrition and boy was that headache a killer!

Here’s a little look into my time there:


Top Left: They had a street with the most beautiful houses, and some were very old and historic.  I would tour this street a lot.

Top Right: When I first arrived, I went on foot to look for whatever fit my fancy, and I found a street near where I lived that was Jade Street!

Bottom Left: They had quail there! I don’t think they come up that far north so I squealed with pleasure when I saw them.

Bottom Right: They had these insane water systems that when I arrived were gushing with water and when I left were bone dry.


Top: Sometimes I would just go for drives as I was a little bored and didn’t want to study and I came across some llamas.  These were only funny to me and a friend as I seemed to find them every where I would go.

Bottom Left: There was a bird sanctuary which was free and just beautiful birds there.

Bottom Right: Reason #1 for hating my roommate, he would leave all the cupboards open, shoes thrown every where and a lot of times, that sink was filled with dishes… not cool dude, not cool.


Left: Again the architecture was beautiful and that photo doesn’t do it justice.

Right: When I went back later on to the bird sanctuary, they had all had babies! Imagine cute little peacock babies!


I really liked Walla Walla as I do enjoy smaller towns and especially towns that have such a developed ‘downtown’ to show off what they have.  It was a very nice area and I learned a lot from my attendants there.  I do wish I could go back to that candy shop though!



3 thoughts on “Oh the Places You Will Go

  1. I love taking pictures, but don’t get them printed much anymore with Facebook, the blog, and not having film anymore. I keep meaning to get better about this! Uploading from the camera just takes so much time sometimes!

    • That is very true about the printing! As much as I really wanted to take a daily photo I haven’t since Friday.. whoops. There is always next month I guess.

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