You don’t speak acronym? Me neither but I didn’t want to keep typing out “Oh The Places You Will Go”.

Place #2 is Forest Grove, Oregon.  I spent a great portion of years 2005-2009 in that lil spot due to going to school.  It was an absolute wonderful place to be.  It felt a lot like the town I grew up in and people were very friendly.  That could have been because it was a college town anyways so they were used to being accommodating to newbies, but I really did like it here.  It also didn’t help that you were about an hour away from the coast and an hour away from Portland and about thirty minutes away from some awesome shopping places – plus they had NO SALES TAX! To me, that was awesome.  I also was going to school in the time that the Canadian Dollar was basically on par with the American so I didn’t really have to watch my budget with an eagle eye.

This is also where I found running.  I had run a little bit in my undergrad – like this one time I ran around the block… all the other exercises were done at the gym and usually on the elliptical or bike.  Actually that isn’t 100% true, I did run around the river valley during undergrad in my 4th year, but it wasn’t until I got down to Oregon that I actually started to do races.  My school would put on a yearly 5k race supporting something and I did one in the first year and I was hooked.  All the supporters and even the walkers (as it was a run/walk event) were so cheery and supporting you.  It also felt really nice that the third time i did this race I actually beat our Dean to the finish line.  Not that my times were stellar – actually I can’t remember my times as this was pre-Garmin times for me.


Top Left: I went skydiving!

Top Right: My favorite coffee place there.  I would study a lot, they had wonderful baked goods too, but their coffee was just amazing.  They also had like 100+ flavors of syrups both sugared as well as sugar free.  My favorite was the sugar free toasted marshmallow.  I have yet to find that flavor up in Canada!

Bottom Left: Pumpkin patch picking.  Anyone remember the TLC show Little People, Big World? The was like three mile exits away from where I lived.

Bottom Right: The coast.  Just so pretty and serene to go to


Left: I loved fall here as it lasted more than just one day.

Right: As I left the place for the last time, there was a full rainbow.  I took it as a sign of good things to come.


Top Left: For my graduation dinner.

Top Right: Can barely see Mt. Hood.

Bottom: Can barely see Mt. St. Helen’s.  On a good day you could see both mountains at once.


Top Left: My graduation.  Can you see me? No? That’s because I’m in the very back row and shorter than those in front…

Bottom Left: A great one of Mt. Hood

Right: Multinomah Falls.  A very beautiful place to go


Top Left: Shinanigans at school

Top Right: My one and only snow day.  You better believe I drove around like a maniac just because I could 😉 just kidding it wasn’t even slick!

Bottom Left: The Spruce Goose by Howard Hughes.  You really never know when you move somewhere what you may find in the surrounding areas!

Bottom Right: Doing a little snowboarding at Mt. Hood.


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