I seriously used to do this?

Last Thursday, I was kid free for the evening prior, so I went to bed early, slept as good as I normally do, put my alarm on for 6:00 AM so that I could get a morning run in before work (and shower without the kiddo screaming for dear life).  But, I got up, dragged myself out of bed, did a miserable two miles before calling it quit.  Then took a ridiculously long/slow shower and got ready for work.

Then I thought, I really did this everyday at 5:30 am? Got up at the crack of dawn and got myself to the gym for an hour work out class and then did probably another 45 minutes of cardio/weights depending?  I seriously cannot believe I used to do that.  You really could not pay me enough to do that right now.  I should never say never as you ‘never know what the future will bring’ but still it was absolutely crazy how awful that was on Thursday and then my whole work day was a little dragging.

Fast forward to after work on the exact same day, I felt more energy pumping through my veins (and no not caffeine or sugar induced) so I went for a rather easy 4 mile run outside… hmmm…. how weird was that?

Boy, was I styling!

Boy, was I styling!

I then went to bed at my normal time and then naturally woke up at like 6 but didn’t feel like going on the treadmill seeing as I did quite a bit the day before.  That is of course how that is supposed to happen. The days you need to get up you can’t and the days you don’t, you do…



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