The third place I will talk about in my OTPYWG series is Atlanta, GA.

I lived there from November 2008 until February 2009.  I didn’t fully enjoy being there at that time as 1) I was in a relationship that was going south but I didn’t realize it until I left because 2) the time zone made it very hard to talk with anyone, him or my family.  I met very wonderful people at this time that I do still talk with to this day and they really did try to make the best of it.  I didn’t run a lot during this time as I was a little afraid of what was out there even though we lived in a very very nice area.  The apartment complex we lived in had a fairly good gym set up and I got to know the stair master very well (besides the fact that we lived on the top floor and there were no elevators).

This is also where I learned of the disgusting creature called a cockroach. Oh my goodness, they would always show up where you least expected them.  You would hear girls scream at odd hours and not because of wink wink you know as no one had a boyfriend at the time.  What’s also disgusting about this is I drove my car down there and one got stuck in the weirdest place in my car, unknown to me at the time, died, and then one day fell out of its hiding place up here in Canada and boy did I ever scream!

I, of course, found a wonderful coffee place called Caribou Coffee and ate a lot of bagels at Einstein’s bagels.  I also shopped a lot at Target as there was a super target there where you could get your groceries.

I also have a habit that when I am in a new place I go for a drive, get myself a little lost and try and find my way back home.  I do have a GPS system that in the worst case I would always be able to find myself home, but you really just never know what you will find along the way.  This is also where I had to get used to driving on a 8 lane freeway! with a toll booth! Crazy especially coming from a person who’s current commute consists of a three way, a four way stop and one set of lights…

At the end of it, I really wish I would have put more of an effort to really enjoy this place, but I was in a bad place mentally so I don’t think that would have happened anyways.


So these were the journey that I did from basically Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA.  I did this trip in 4 days.  Yes I was that crazy person who drove like 12-16 hours each day.  I took a photo every hour that I was on the road until it was too dark out.  I did the exact same thing on the way back but did a different route so that I could see and drive different States.  I really rushed back as it was heading toward the end of my relationship, but I really wanted to give it a good try and spend a few days together.  Little did I know that he was already seeing someone (aka cheating) and that was why he was so aloof when I was in Atlanta.  I remember those days like they were yesterday, like when I called on New Year’s Eve (which my Christmas gift from my parents would have been a trip to see him but HE declined – Jade did you see that red flag??) to tell him about the future since I was three hours ahead and he was so quiet, or when he wouldn’t take my phone calls unless he was in his car and could only talk for like 1 minute… Luckily, I have awesome parents that supported me in ways I could never be thankful for when the ish hit the fan.


Top Left: Stone Mountain.  The people/person whomever made Mt. Rushmore made this confederation monument.

Middle Left: Sights of downtown Atlanta

Bottom Left: The Atlanta Aquarium

Right: Downtown Atlanta at night


Top Left: At Stone Mountain they had orange water due to the minerals in the ground

Bottom Left: Coca Cola Museum.  I went there twice and had such a sugar high afterwards as at the end of it you can taste test so many different types of pop.  My favorite was called Bebo from South Africa.  I can still taste it now!

Top Right: A night view from our apartment

Bottom Right: Whenever my family and I go places, we mimic statues that we see.


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