The fourth stop was a little place called Oak Harbor, WA.

I was here from about Feb 2009 until May 2009.  It was another quaint little town.  I really loved the NorthWest as you better believe I found wonderful coffee places here.  I also loved them for their drive thru coffee shops and those little things had really good coffee. They rarely ever burnt their beans and the combination was just absolutely great.  My only qualms about this place was the place I was living at.  It was an older lady’s house that she rented out to students, very affordable, in a very scenic area (which I took to my advantage and started running outside again because of it) but it was basically a hoarders kind of situation.  When I had first rolled into the place, she wasn’t there but the other roommate was and said my room was all set up for me including ‘clean’ sheets.  I had gotten there literally an hour or two after my break up so not only was I depressingly sad, I was hungry (got in too late to find food), cold, and boy did my sheets smell!  Luckily, my parents let me leave the place for the weekend and come visit them up in Victoria, B.C., but when I returned and it was actually day light, I noticed that, hmmm, I really don’t think these sheets were washed as there is dog hair and a dog nail in the bed…


When my parents came to visit me a little while later, they were absolutely shocked where I lived and wanted to make me stay in an extended hotel situation, but I declined.  Sure it was a weird place, the lady never locked her doors and let’s face it the trash/treasures around where humungous, but at least I had a roommate and an old lady to hang out with.  I also found a gym that had really good work out classes that I could do almost every day of the week so I did just that.


Some travels from Atlanta to Oak Harbor.  I passed by the Talledaga (or whatever it is called in Alabama) where they have the speedy car races.  The top left was taken a whole lot later when I was travelling back to home home and it was like 12:30 am and there was still a smidgen of light out.  I know I was a crazy/stupid driver at the time.


More travels back.  One looked like an ‘A-bomb’ to me, but it was just a power plant somewhere in Wyoming.


This place was gorgeous.  These were views from some of my runs around the bay.  They also held a tulip festival every year that I actually had to leave for a major test the weekend it was being held so I didn’t go.


They also had a lot of bald eagles here.  In the summer, I guess the eagles tend to swarm together and either mate or something like that and it is pretty amazing seeing like 100 bald eagles all together.  Also to enter into Oak Harbor as it is on its own island essentially you had to drive on this bridge called “Deception Harbor”.  It is deceptively beautiful.


I did a few hikes in the area as there really wasn’t much else for me to do besides study – which I was like a maniac as I had three really big exams to allow me to practice my profession in both the States and Canada.


A lot of times I would love to go back to these places to show my hubby where I lived and what I did during those hectic years, but we have been too busy working on our professions to be able to take much time to travel just yet.  But we really hope to travel in the future.


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