Spring Race Run Off

Alternative Title: Mother Nature Should Be Fired

I ran this little 8km/5mi on Sunday April 13.  Initially the weather was supposed to be a ‘balmy’ +10 or more degrees with the sun shining and the birds chirping.  Well, as we all know, the weatherman cannot usually accurately predict the weather.  It was dang nab it cold.  In comparison to the usual winter weather it really wasn’t that bad but as I left the farm at 8:30 am, the car read -2.  When I got into the city, that temperature had switched to +2 and it was fairly cloudy and there was a good head wind creating some wind chill.

The race started promptly at 10:00.  There was no actual ‘start line’ just the dude firing the gun.  But soon, we were all off.  What I liked about this course was there were no mile markers.  I don’t know why, but for me, the mile markers make the race extremely long.  It always seems that the first kilometre or first mile is absolutely the longest one ever, so it plays on my mind.  The route was basically an out and back and on the way out there was the ferocious head wind that made you absolutely freezing.  There were also two death hills that I ended up walking up both as I swear the incline was like greater than 20%.  On the way back, I did start to get over heated as now the wind was at my back.

Actual Incline:

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 9.31.31 AM

Yes.  They were hard.

What I also liked about this course.  It wasn’t a true 5 miler, it was only 4.75.  When you are already spent, that last 0.25 of a mile was nice not to do!

My official time was 48:50.

What I also found funny about this race is that the race I did a month ago was actually a lot warmer.  Maybe it wasn’t as I probably over dressed for the one a month ago, so this one I may have under dressed as I thought it would be way way way way way warmer than what it actually was.  Oh well, that is mother nature for you.



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