One Last Thing

I saw this on another blog and thought it was cute.  It was a link up but of course by the time I perused it, the link up was closed.  Oh well.  Thought I would still do it.

Last Thing I lost:

And the first question is a stumper.  How about this one time I went shopping for some new underwear, I saw a really cute tank top for $5 and so I impulse bought it.  I went home, took out my purchases from the bag and really thought that the sales person only put the underwear in the bag, not my shirt.  I went back the next day to see if the shirt I purchased was left on the counter.  The store manager went through the security tape and saw that my sales person indeed put my shirt into the bag as the first item and I did take that whole bag home.  I profusely apologized for wasting their time but then was like “Where in the world is Carmen Santiago my shirt?”  I went home, scoured under my bed, looked through the empty bag, looked everywhere.  I really thought I lost it.  A few days later I was going through my tank top area and low and behold under all my other tank tops, I had already folded up that tank and put it away… And no I don’t think I was pregnant at the time either so no pregnancy brain moment there.


Last Time I Cringed:

I don’t actually really know.  To me, cringed means like being eerily irritated and then having to go “blah” and stick your tongue out (I’m not sure if that is a good description but that is what I am sticking with).  I did have a client whom I could smell their natural hair oil aroma.  I can usually put up with a lot of different smells, but this one I do not like.  Funny enough, when my significant other has not showered in a few days, his hair smells like this and it really does make me go “Get in the shower right now”.

Last Celeb Crush:

We just watched Thor, the first movie, and that Chris Hemsworth is very drool worthy and the fact that he is a very strong family values kind of man just makes me swoon.

Last Adventure:

To be honest, we haven’t (or I haven’t) gone on a lot of adventures in most recent times.  I honestly would think the last time I did was during marathon training and doing those extremely long runs (there was a 18 miler in bear country) which was the most adventuresome I have been.  What can I say, I don’t get out much.

Last Time I Danced:

The other day.  The kiddo and I dance a lot!

Last Friday I:

Went up to the farm and enjoyed another brisk fall weather day – oh wait it’s Spring? Who would have thought that with the mix of snow we had today… Come on May!  It was also a fairly interesting drive as the muskrats must have just been coming out of hibernation as I was THIS CLOSE to running one over but I just narrowly missed it.  Then I saw two more dead on the road on the way.

Last workout:

At the time I wrote this up, it was my 5 miler race.  I’ve gotten a little busy with life again and for time management I have three opportunities each day to work out.  1) In the morning, which I still cannot get up before I need to yet, 2) During lunch hour, which I have been having a lot of meetings at lunch again or 3) after kiddo goes to bed, but I have been fairly tired again so I really haven’t been pushing myself.


Those are all the last questions they had!



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