Now, for the next part of these series, instead of places that I have lived, I am now going to show places that I have been.

First stop is London, England.

I went here with a great friend after completing my 8 years of school.  She was just finishing up travelling abroad for about a year and had to come back to one of her starting points in regards to her flight back, so we did the best thing and met in London.

So there we were, a newly graduated student (ie low funds) and another traveller who has been travelling for a long time (ie low funds) decided to go to a place that is somewhat expensive compared to the Canadian dollar and therefore had to stay in a not so great hostel situation.  This wasn’t too bad except there were about 15 of us sardined into one large room and a girl decided it would be a great place to get very frisky with a boy.  Now if I have to get picky, he was ‘respectable’ in a sense that he was absolutely quiet.  Her on the other hand, let us all know how she was feeling.  This also happened on the bunk right across from our bunks.  I was about to say something when my friend yelled out “Do you know how disrespectful you two are being, shut the F*&^ up.”  I love her!

This lady also decided the next day she wasn’t done having enough public affections that her and most likely another boy had some fun in the shower…  This would make it the last absolute time I would ever be on vacation very cheaply, I decided that right then and there.

Fotor0417142041 Fotor0417142351 Fotor0417142243 Fotor0417142159

Now, most of these it has been so long i cannot remember what most things are called.  The most memorable things are that we walked so much I broke my sandal and had to fix it with tape to make it home.  I love to take sunset photos.  I love to mimic statues.  I also had a lemon placed in the bottom of one martini that I drank and when I bit into it, I had to second guess if it really was just for decoration, it tasted like lemon cleaning solution.  I also tried my hand at being a paparazzi as the Queen had emerged from Buckingham Palace, but too many people were crowding her vehicle.  I also really like the artist Dali and there was an exhibit with a lot of his artwork there.


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