Weeks 17 – 20

I decided not to do a ‘every week’ update kind of post.  Pregnancies for me are pretty non-chalant.  There are no big issues, I don’t have much nausea/pains/aches and so the updates would get very boring very quickly.

The last four weeks have been about the same when I compare Preg #1 to Preg #2.  The only big thing I have noticed is that I am still very much exhausted almost every day.  I don’t work out a lot which I feel may add to it as I miss out on those endorphins.  I haven’t been running a whole lot, I feel a little ‘over it’ at the time being.  I do have another race on Sunday (a 10 K which will be my last long run – after that I’m going to probably do a max of 3 or 4 miles at a time).  I still want to be able to run three maybe four times a week to get the blood flowing, but lately it hasn’t really amounted to much.  I also just cannot get up in the morning, I need to go to bed really early, and so for me I just do not, or cannot, find the time to get on the treadmill.  Once the weather warms up a bit, the kiddo and I will go for a stroller jog after supper, but I am having trouble finding the time.  It also doesn’t help that it is revving up in the farm way of things so I really don’t have the after work support.

Big things to note would be that I am craving a lot of salty things and to top that off because when you eat more salt you want way more water, I guzzle a lot of water.  I still am not sleeping through the night just like the last two years or more, and I find I am getting up once or twice to go to the bathroom.  Now when I remember last time, towards the end I would get up a lot to go to the bathroom but the volume output would be peanuts basically as the babe was sitting way too much on the bladder.  This time around I am doing lots of output at each time.  Which last night was a key example, I went to bed at 9, woke up at midnight, had a big out put, had insomnia until about 3, so I went to the bathroom right before that and had a big out put, and then when I woke up for the day at 6:30 again, full out put and I didn’t drink any fluids during the night, but boy was I parched!  There are some nights too that I try to restrict the water intake prior to bed but it doesn’t matter, I still go at least once.

This is something I will mention to my doctor as I don’t know why this time around I am more concerned about potential gestational diabetes.  I don’t think my blood sugars are out of whack – I’m not experiencing the low blood sugar shakes at all, or the opposite I believe – but there is something about the amount of water that I crave.  I woke up this morning very bloated from the excess salt that I consumed yesterday so I am going to really try and work on that.  I did weigh myself this morning (probably bad idea) and I was up +12 lbs.  Wow.  Probably if I weighed myself tomorrow it’d be a few pounds less as I am sure a lot of that was water weight.  At week 20 last time, I was up 8 pounds, so overall not really that different, I just already feel like a cow and it didn’t help that I over did the salt.  I also have wonderful bouts of insomnia that I can’t figure out why I have them (like food/other related) so of course I just chalk that up to pregnancy.

I was suppose to have my visit with the doctor today but I had to reschedule until next week as I double booked myself.  Usually the doctor’s visits trump anything else, but I am bringing in someone from out of town for an interview and that sort of trumps the doctor’s visit this time.  So I will have to wait to see what she says about the water/salt thing.

This past Easter weekend, I faced my first “Wow, you are soooo much bigger than this person I know that is about the same week as you”.  That came from my lovely sister in law.  Now, my in laws don’t have much of a filter in regards to speaking, it was how they were brought up (my hubby is a prime example of this and the things he says sometimes) I didn’t really respond as I was thinking “Thank you, you just committed the cardinal crime when talking to a pregnant woman, especially one that has body issues, I never ever want to hear how big I am – I can say that about myself but you cannot say that to me” but of course it didn’t come out vocally, I am sure it was plastered on my face as my other in-laws piped in saying that you show way more faster the second time around to which the offender was like “Oh I didn’t know that”. I didn’t say much after that to her about how I felt as I feel bad in one sense as she really wants to have/carry her own kids but is very reproductively challenged and is starting to go through menopause early so her hopes every month go down and down and so I don’t want to be a meany when I know she is suffering having people really close having babies relatively easy.

Here are some progression photos.  I did basically pop out this last week instead of just looking ‘fuller’:


And to compare with Preg #1:


I was in way better shape last time too, but as a first timer I had no idea what to expect and how my life was to change once the kiddo arrived.  I also, mentally, think I am way bigger as I weigh about the same now as I did when I was ready to give birth with #1, but I started at a much different weight so I really cannot compare directly.  Just got to keep going on day by day I guess.  I also look like I have more of an arch to my lumbar area, must be the terrible posture I have accumulated carrying the kiddo in my arms!

We find out the gender on Monday.  I have a feeling what it is, but of course everyone says “Girl” because of course if you have one boy you must have a girl.  It’s sort of frustrating to hear people say it all the time, and I do mean everyone.  Oh well, just a few more of my gripes being pregnant.


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