EPS 10 K

I had another race on Sunday.  When I woke up this is what Sunday looked like:


Yes, we did get about 2 inches of snow over night.  Now, mind you, it was still above freezing so stepping on it, you could tell that that snow would melt away right away.

When I got into the city, this is what the race course start line looked like:


Very muddy for the first kilometer or so.  It wasn’t that warm out, maybe +1/+2 and complete overcast.  I wore a long sleeved shirt with my wind breaker over top and did have this make shift ear warmer on my head.  I really wanted gloves at the start but forgot those in my home town so I had to pull down my sleeves.

Wouldn’t you know it, though, within about 1.5 miles in – just after the first water station – I was over heating big time.  This would have been fun to see me tear off my layers as since I was so cold at the start I placed my Garmin over top both of my sleeves, so I had to take that off, take off my wind breaker and then tie my coat on my waist. I really could have dropped it on the side lines as it was an out and back loop but I just didn’t trust that and my car keys were in those pockets.

This course also didn’t have a very nice elevation in it – not as bad as the last one – but I still walked up the entire hill:

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 2.31.12 PM



I finished in 1:09:01.  My Garmin also said it was a 6.34 mile course, so a little long.  I declared at the end that this was my last long race.  I had to go #1 basically since the start of the race and I literally went about 5 minutes prior to the race starting, so that wasn’t fun.  My belly isn’t giving me a lot of grief like it did last pregnancy, it’s not jiggling and feeling weird even though I haven’t worn any support gear yet.  My friend and I would like to do more runs which I will stick to the 5 k distance from here on out. I also have to see if I get motivated to get running/jogging again sometime during the day.  I was going to go home at lunch and run but then my mom invited me out for lunch instead.

And just for fun:


Seeing what kind of tractors/combines we need to get for the farm!  This kiddo loves all things truck and car like.


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