The next place I will feature is Greece.  This followed after my friend and my adventure in London.  Now I forgot to say that London was extremely cold and dreary the entire three or four days that we were there.  Greece was the complete opposite and in fact gorgeous!

We started out in Athens, looked like lost tourists, and a local helped us out in locating our cheap hotel.  Saw a bunch of ruins (which I really like seeing history) although if I travel with you most ruins are usually trying to get a ‘face lift’.  We then boarded a cruise and saw two islands: Mykonos and Santorini.  Both are great places to go.  Very beautiful and I think people go to these islands for two reasons: 1) have a very nice honeymoon or 2) find someone to have a fun time with.  We obviously did neither but I can see both appeals of that.

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