Pet Peeves

I know we all have them.  Some of them that I hate, you might absolutely love.

In no particular order:

– When people tail you driving in your car because you are going to speed limit in a school/playground zone.  My town loves to do photo-radar traps in those particular school/playground zones that I typically drive through and so I have gotten into a good habit of not speeding.

– I work in a dark room all day long and where I live especially in winter I see maybe thirty minutes of day light. I like to keep a lot of lights on at home, but my hubby always turns them off if we aren’t within the light range, which really bugs me, I want more light!! I understand he doesn’t want to waste but I really want all the light I can get

– When shopping and you bring your own bag which you give to the clerk before starting the check out process (and not at a store that has you bag your own stuff as part of their protocol), the clerk just watches you at the very end shovelling all this stuff as best and as fast as you can into your bag so that the next patron isn’t getting upset when you really feel they could have done that while you were doing your pin while paying with your credit card

– When you work with people who have been at their position for five years and still do the most ridiculous things that have been brought up in their reviews.

– 1200 calorie meal plans with a usually large amount of cardio tacked on.   I’m no expert in this field, but I just feel those are just wrong.

– When waiting to do some blood work as always there is a wait which is fine.  When you arrived there were 5 of you sitting in the waiting area.  Three of you got called, cue more time waiting, then 5 people left the testing area.  Me and this other dude sat there for another 10 minutes before being called.  (I do understand they may have been finishing up paperwork blah blah blah)



Now how about some opposite pet peeves – meaning they don’t really bug me:

– Some typos.  Like when someone has typed up a post about dairy but throws in a diary every so often.  Or if they are talking about a significant other Brain or I mean Brian… I know, I rarely proof read my typings and I know I have huge love for run on sentences so I am no grammar police, but at least these do crack me up!


What are some of your pet peeves!


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. haha – definitely some funny ones! The recycle bag thing is very annoying – even in stores where they sell them at the register! That doesn’t stop me – I use them anyway. Try to help, but since I never have fewer than a half-dozen bags (2 growing teenage boys!) they have no choice but to pitch in.

    The tail-gaiting is really bad … we live right near a school zone, and it only has a 30MPH limit and no flashing lights (don’t get me started). So many people already do 40+ – during school hours – and STILL there are people pushing the pace. Almost every morning on my run I go past that way, and invariably see someone going too fast with another person less than two car lengths behind.

    As for typos on blogs … there are many more important things – and I find constant correctors more annoying than anything else!

    • Speeding is big in my town too and that is why the speed traps are always there but it doesn’t stop people since it is usually photoradar so it doesn’t give them points against their driver’s. I just cringed when I think of how bad accidents could be in a school zone!!

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