Proud Moment

Yesterday, we finally were able to get out and do a little stroller run.  I had the kiddo dressed up like this:


Yes, it is still hovering around zero…

Although in the picture his toque is a white/blue mix, he had actually asked “Blue Toque” and patted his head.  His vocabulary is just booming right now.  He still gets his moments where when he is frustrated and all you hear is whine whine whine and you ask for words but you won’t get them, he is doing bigger and bigger words and sentences.  Every night when we go to bed, we discuss what happened during the day and what we will do tomorrow and he is starting to understand quite a bit.  He still doesn’t really understand the whole “little sister” thing but it’ll be easier when he is a few months older and I have a bigger belly.

Things we will work on in the mean time is trying to not hold him so much during the day.  I need to weigh him but I’m sure he is at least 30 pounds, and I’m already carrying an extra 15 so that’s a lot and my back is starting to hurt when I do hold all that together.

Few other fun things:


“It’s so hard to put on support wear”


Sorry it is so blurry but this is what the kiddo wanted to wear to day care today: Daddy’s boxers.  Funny enough I could not take them off of him at home.  He wore them the entire car ride over and, finally, I was able to remove them when I got him out of the car.  I’m sure our day care provider would have been just a tad curious…


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