What I have been dreaming of cooking

I have been perusing a lot of websites lately and been seeing a lot of drool worthy recipes.  I admit I have gotten into a bit of a food rut, sure things look amazing but I just haven’t had the want to cook a lot of things which = bad at our household.  I have been really meaning to spend a little bit of time on the weekend trying to prep a few food items to make it easier when I come home from work to create our supper.  Let’s see if these make into the rotation anytime soon:


** All Photos are from their respective sites **

Lentil Sloppy Joes 

That took me like three tries to spell sloppy…


Quinoa Pizza Crust


Stuffed Potatos


Chicken Bites


Flourless Banana Bread


Raw Chocolate Brownies


I also want to make crispy baked artichoke hearts again, I made them a while ago and they were just so so so awesome!


I also need to purchase a food processor that would make a few of these recipes really easy.

I just got to get back into that kitchen!  A lot of these recipes seem to be no meat and I can’t really explain that, I am eating more than I was in the first trimester but I admittedly got very lazy from that first trimester and I just haven’t been cooking like I used to and my diet has suffered from that big time.  Even though our eats haven’t been too bad and I understand I am pregnant, but my face is like a teenagers right now and I think it is related to a few too many starchy carbs (as those are really quick to make when you having a screaming kid at you because you got too lazy) and not enough nutrient dense foods.  I also was listening to a podcast about the potential benefits of gelatin which I want to go and purchase some good gelatin and add it into some of our foods to see if that helps a little bit.  This acne is really bad (just like it was with my first pregnancy) but due to the horrendous-ness of it I always worry about scarring, it’s like my cheeks cannot get any fuller of pimples!  I even stopped using stuff on my face as I know I break out with any kind of SPF and I was also starting to wonder if the ‘mineral’ make up was adding to it.  I may just have to wait until my hormones calm down to see a big noticeable difference though.  Le sigh when you are 30 and still breaking out…


2 thoughts on “What I have been dreaming of cooking

  1. I’m 31 and I still get break outs too sometimes so I hear you! Less than when I was younger but I was like come on surely by now they would have stopped!

    Lots of great recipes, no wonder you’ve been drooling.

    • I have a strong feeling that there are hormones in our food – not that the food industry has added them but maybe they leach in from the environment – one has to eat. It also could be from all the additional stress that we have these days. Who knows but I hope it clears up!

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