Mother’s Day

Hope all that celebrate Mother’s Day had a great one.  Although I have yet to really get into the Mother’s Day “traditions” it is not really a big holiday in my mind per say.  Sure it is nice to be recognized as a mother, but in the same sentence your loved ones should show that love every day anyways, I don’t need a card to be told that.

True, it was nice when kiddo’s day care had him make a little something for me (which I don’t have a picture of, shocker…)

What I did this Mother’s Day was do a nice 5K stroller run with my friend who did the 10K.

First I’ll back up just a tad to Friday.

We went out to the farm, as the race was in the city, and was talking with the hubby about the weekend plans.  Hubby is a farmer and they finally were able to get into the field.  Our initial plans were hubby was going to look after the kiddo while I went for my run but plans changed.  I was this close to placing the jogging stroller in the car prior to driving out to the farm but I just didn’t do it.  So on Saturday we had to go into the city and pick up a new one – but instead of a regular singleton jogging stroller I went ‘nuts’ and picked up a dual side by side.

photo 1-1

He helped put it together.

photo 2-1

Let’s just say that after the race, this stroller is pretty awesome.  It is very smooth on a paved surface and ridiculously easy to push.

Okay now onto the race:

It was a very nice sunny day.  Maybe a little cool at the start (like +5C) and I wore the t-shirt they provided, some pants, and I did wear gloves until about the 2.5 mile mark.  It started just a few minutes late for the 9:00 AM start time.  They had told us on the speakers multiple times that strollers should go towards the back of the back of 5k’ers.  So I followed the rules.  This sort of sucked.  I also feel that this was the largest race I have ever participated in.  The announcer said over 2,000 people!

photo 3-1

My stroller isn’t that much wider than a lot of the strollers that were there and surprisingly to myself, I was doing some pretty good time for the first mile.  I was going slower due to having to pass so many people (which in hindsight is a good thing that I wasn’t making myself go too fast because it was a race).  I had to yell multiple times as it was a Mother’s Day Run AND Walk so there were groups of walkers walking in a line that would be as deep as the street saying “Passing on your right, or your left, or not at all” I was trying not to get agitated but when I say ‘Passing” about 5 times I think I mean it…  The first mile I actually ran it all in about 10 minutes.  This was due to how nicely paved the road was and my awesome stroller.

After about the first 1/2 mile it did start to get a little thinned out.  Which was nice except the second mile was all uphill on a terrible trail path.  This stroller isn’t the best for trails.  The wheels sounded like they had unlocked themselves (which they didn’t) and the stroller didn’t have much grip per say.  I struggled the entire mile.  At the top of the hill they did have a water station and I said to another stroller runner “That should have been the downhill route” and they agreed.

The last mile I was already spent from the last mile that I walked/ran for the last part.  My quads were just on fire!  I am not doing these races obviously for time so it didn’t matter at all.

Final Time: 38:47 for 3.1 miles.

We stuck around as there was a fun run for the kids starting a little later.  So we played around in the bouncy house, had some chocolate milk, got a new orange ball to play with until they had us line up for the fun run.

photo 4-1

Kiddo did not understand this and didn’t want to run so I carried him the whole way.  I tried to put him down but I think he got shy.  Next time, kiddo, next time.


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