A Miscellaneous Type of Friday

I apologize for the most likely incoherent flow of this post.

I listen to talk radio a lot.  I love it.  You learn something, you hear some news, you hear the weather, you hear the wonderful radio personalities have a good discussion.  This morning they had a restaurant reviewer on talking about a new establishment.  This usually isn’t the best segment to listen to so early in the morning as it puts some food cravings in your mouth – but at the restaurant she had visited/reviewed the appetizer she picked was crab cakes.  (What I also like about talk radio is how well they describe things for the listening viewers).  She had started to describe how awful these crab cakes look and how hard it is to get a very good crab cake in a land locked place that we live, but although they looked very unappealing they tasted absolutely to die for.  She then added that the chef had placed a balsamic glaze on it which she says is “Way too 1990s and all chefs should learn to just throw that stuff away”.  I laughed out loud at that comment as it is very bold for a reviewer to say – yes that is her job but in my head I was thinking “But I still really like placing balsamic on stuff, does that mean I should just throw it away?”


Now how about the random things that are brought in our vehicle on the way to day care:

– stuffed cow and bear


– DVDs

– Daddy’s boxers

– Race bibs

– my winter jacket (when so not winter)

– I do like my car relatively clean but with this kiddo that really isn’t possible.  I have raisins everywhere, items thrown about, and I totally can understand how when you see a single shoe on the roadway how that exactly happens.  I have yet to open up the back window when kiddo has an item in his hands but I can totally see him just throwing whatever he has out the window.


How about the best Christmas gift ever? A full thing of bubble wrap.  This has provided hours upon hours of fun with the kiddo:



How about how north I live and the fact that our weather, until recently, has been very less than stellar.  At the lake we go to over the summer there is still ICE ON THE LAKE.


But in all honesty, that is how it is every single May Long weekend is.  As per usual fashion, it is raining outside, the weather report is awful and although it is nice outside (I forgot my jacket at home even though it was raining) it is still too cold to really go camping yet every single canadian (except for me) will go camping this weekend.  This also means I will not be speeding when we do venture onto the highway later today to go out to the farm.  You just know they will have radar out!



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