Ah, Number 8.  This one takes us up to Montreal, Quebec, in April or May 2009.  This was a very fast whirlwind trip that had me and my classmates go there to take a 4 day intensive board certification that cost about $3,500 not including air fare and accommodations.  It was three days written and one day of practical.  It was intense and there was intense partying afterwards.  It was the last of several large exams that we had had to do in order to do what I do for a living (I laughed here as I haven’t said and probably won’t say what I do all day every day).

I am a very fast test taker especially when it is multiple choice and of course with standardized tests, they are always multiple choice.  This freaks out my classmates as either they think I don’t know anything or that they don’t know anything.  Usually you have like 3 hours to complete the test and I’m done in about 90 minutes to two hours and I do have to leave.  Otherwise I go back through the test and second guess a lot of answers and then take away my correct answers and put an incorrect in its place.

Montreal is very nice (I think I say this about all places), I felt safe enough to walk by myself after the exams to the hotel we were staying at.  And because it is in the area of Canada that has been here longer, there was a lot of historical buildings in the area we were at.

Here is a look of what Montreal has to offer (which of course is a lot more, we just didn’t have time to venture out more!):

DSCN0177 DSCN0178 DSCN0179 DSCN0188 DSCN0193 DSCN0200 DSCN0209 DSCN0243 DSCN0245 DSCN0253


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