Look who has been in the Kitchen

This gal!

On the weekend, I started by making those chicken bites.  And by goly, YUM!!!

Here’s what my finished product looked like:


This one I can tell will become a new staple in our household as it is fairly easy to make and cooks fairly quickly too.  I know the qualms about eating too much almond flour but still it was sooooooo good.  We ate this one with a side of sauteed carrots and tomato soup.

Then I made some seitan with artichoke hearts.  And just to tout myself, the kiddo said “Yummy mommy” so I know he enjoyed it too:



I also made an aioli which is very tasty – kiddo just liked to eat the actual lemon!

Last night we made the chicken bites (again – and it was too soon to remake them for this gal) with a side of the baked potato hemp.  Now, I guess I should admit I have never baked a potato before in my life – it’s just not a staple that I eat, I can do mashed and other stuff to it but not a plain ole baked potato.  I did do it the ‘traditional’ way and placed it in the oven for an hour, and by the end of the hour it was not cooked… so I had to finished it up in the microwave prior to cooking it with the last bit.

photo 3-2 photo 2-2

That was our pre-baking.  As you can see, kiddo likes to just eat the lemon.  I still need to get a better food processor.  This one is alright but not the greatest for heavier duty things (I also presoaked the cashews all night instead of just an hour for this reason).

photo 1-2

Tonight will be a simple baked salmon with roasted veggies and parsnip fries.

To be honest, meal planning this week really worked in our favor – I have to do this more often as you really do get into the kitchen more when you do!



2 thoughts on “Look who has been in the Kitchen

  1. I’ve been making my own chicken nuggets with panko crumbs and my kids LOVE them. They prefer them over the premade stuff, but I don’t always have time or ingredients. (And no nut flours here as my son is allergic…)

    • I like to make them too when you have time as then you can flavour them how you want and know that they seen getting way too much processes hydrogenated stuff. Sucks for the but alergy though

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