Weeks 21 – 24

I know the cliche is that the second go around for pregnancy goes faster, and well, that is truly the case here!  I’m even having troubles really knowing which week I am.  This probably started because last time I had to reschedule a prenatal appointment and even though I still see my Doc when I am the same amount of weeks since I see her the following week I feel like I’m not really 24 weeks just yet, but I am, I am.

I’m going to start doing more of a structured-ness post to this as I have seen on many other preggo bloggers sites, so without further adieu:

Workouts/Runs: Starting to get less and less.  I did do a very successful (in my mind) 5 K run the other weekend and with the extra support band I bought, I still feel good when running (no weird jiggly feeling as the baby bounces up and down) but I just tire easily.  I’m also trying to get out with the stroller more which adds a lot of resistance and so I just can’t run straight with the stroller which is okay.  The kiddo and I are just getting out there to get out there and enjoy the weather.  I still work up quite a sweat even when walking fast so I feel good about that.  I have purchased some pre/post natal DVDs and have only used one once… been meaning to do more of that.

Sleep: Sucks.  But then again it always has for the last few years… I am not getting up to go the bathroom a whole lot like last time – Doc thought maybe it was a asymptomatic UTI which because the kidneys ureters get bigger (or whatever they are called) could lead to a large infection and be bad for both of us.  I did do some cultures which came out negative so who knows.  At least I know I get longer stretches of sleep this go around until my belly gets larger and puts on more pressure.  Insomnia is about the same, I get at least one episode a week where I cannot fall asleep for 3-4 hours a night…

Eats: We are trying to get better on this as I am starting to do some meal planning so that it won’t be just quick fast meals – which I know you can make a lot of things fast and healthy so the last few months are all on me.

Movement: Hit or miss.  This time around I have an anterior placenta which means an extra layer of cushion to feel any movement.  I know with Kiddo I felt him way earlier and way often by this point.  As this one gets bigger you will just because they are bigger, I just have to wait.  The anterior placenta completely makes sense as when I went for my first pre-natal at 12 weeks, it took like 5 minutes to find the heartbeat which scared both the Doc and myself as with kiddo he was RIGHT there – those moments until you find it always make you second guess yourself if you are actually pregnant or not.

Weight: I am up 17 pounds.  The first go around I was up only 10, so even though my body is doing what it should be doing and I really am not ‘crazy’ with the eats, I don’t feel great about this amount but there is nothing I can do to really change it (or like diet I should say).  Once I see my doctor we will see if she is worried about it or not.  I know I am not as active this time (even though we spent a good 4-5+ hours outside every day on the weekend running around the farm which really does count as active – and I still can pick up my 30 pound boy easily – which totally counts as heavy lifting right? 😉 ).  I’m trying not to stress too much about it even though when I read loads of birth boards talking about “How much have you gained” and those that gain a lot they always warn “It’ll just be that much harder to lose after the baby as right now the baby maybe weighs like a pound so this is all me.

Symptoms: I wasn’t going to add this in as I don’t really have a lot of symptoms per say, but I think there is a bit of a flu bug being passed around right now.  I have had an insane headache for about three days and it’s one of those vascular kinds where when you stand up it throbs but if you stay still it’s okay (or even roll over in bed kind of deal).  I have also felt a little nauseous –> even woke up yesterday around 5 am feeling so hungry that I was almost to the point of if I don’t eat right now I will vomit kind of deal — as well I have been getting bursts of terrible indigestion.  Sure it really could be related to being pregnant but I overheard the ladies at work stating how they were feeling and I was like ‘Hmmm…”

Thoughts: I’m already starting to worry when #2 gets here how #1 will react.  He is such a momma’s boy that, oh boy we have so much cut out for us.  I also worry about our limited time together as a two-some and want to cherish these moments all that I can.  It’s not as scary going from 1 to 2 as much as it was going from 0 to 1, I know way more this time around.  I’m also scared to be able to find good help when I go back to work and how that person will be able to take care of a 6 week old and a crazy 2 1/2 year old.  I am a big worrier at heart.

Now for the pictures:

Week 21-22


Week 23-24


And for comparison last time Week 22-24


What’s a little funny, I sort of look the same from the side, but from the front, this pregnancy is going all into my hips/butt area.  I know this as when I get out of my car, my hips hit the steering wheel and these settings have not changed since I got my car (prior to pregnancy the first time).  I also feel the gain is a lot in my face but I’m sure this happened last time too.

And for fun when taking the belly photos – kiddo wanted to join in too.  He was trying to hide within my skirt:



2 thoughts on “Weeks 21 – 24

  1. I love your pink sparkly top!

    I so admire women who continue to workout while pregnant. I’ve never been, but I imagine I would get really lazy. One of my close friends ran a half marathon 7 months pregnant in about the same time that it took me as a non-pregnant person lol. You moms are so strong!

    • Aw thanks! Although, the running has really turned into a fast walk — too much pressure on my sciatic nerve. I know we all get caught up in that comparison trap and it is amazing to see what some pregnant ladies can do!

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