Family Gripes

Sorry for the little delay there.  I had a pretty busy weekend (I went to a conference) and then when I came back to work we had another day with major server issues.  Not a great thing to have when most all of the business workings is on that server… Not cool technology, not cool.

As I said I had a conference on the weekend.  And it was pretty great.  I learned a little bit to implement back into my business and I always feel so refreshed after those (except I need a few days to take my regular weekend relaxing hours, but that will have to wait until this next weekend).  Even though I said I had a great time, I have a few fairly major gripes over the weekend.

One was I got a family member to do the baby sitting as hubby was ‘this’ close to finishing seeding for the season so he would be unable to.  They had asked for a list of what to do, when to give food, things like that, to which I obliged.  When I came home, roughly around 5 pm, they had said that kiddo had just woken up from a 4 hour nap.  That.never.happens.ever.  I was a little shocked as he never does that, on the weekends he barely naps with me around anyways and even at day care they have usually two hour or less kind of naps.  They did feel bad when they saw how my mouth dropped (I was trying to form nice words to not show how much of a controller I am) as they didn’t know if they “could wake a sleeping baby”.  I was also a little shocked as 1) Although I didn’t write wake up before 4 or something like that which yes that fault is due to me I did write second snack usually at 4.  2) Sure I wouldn’t be able to answer the phone to answer a question but there is text so if you really are unsure, ask.

This made me upset as when our usual bedtime rolled around, I wanted to go to sleep but I knew the kiddo would not want to for a few more hours, so it just made me cranky.  I also tried my hardest not to get mad at the baby sitter as they were doing it for free, and I know how I get so very Type-A personality on a lot of things and so I just tried to be very light about it.

And not to always gripe about family, but since we were around a lot of family members this weekend, a lot of things were just getting on my nerves (probably related to the lack of quality sleep I get) but there would be so many times when I got back home that certain food would be offered by a grandma and I would flat out say ‘no’ or ‘we just ate’ or ‘he doesn’t need that’ but it’s like they cannot hear me even though I said it so that everyone could hear.  Which also reminds me, this person also took kiddo off my hands for a few hours on Friday night since I did not ask them to babysit in the first place (they usually have errands to run on the weekends and church goings to so I knew I could not 100% rely on them for full weekend coverage so I did ask elsewhere) but they only really did the evening because I had asked someone else.  And then, type A coming back again, they said they would only be out an hour prior so that we could go to bed.  90 minutes rolled by and so I went out to get him as it was 8 pm and we had to get started on relaxing prior to bed (if kiddo gets too worked up, good luck going to sleep).

So again I had to take a step back, bite my tongue as they were doing something nice but just got did not keep track of time (which how can you when you are outside not wearing a watch).  When I did go get him, they were giving him a crap loaded granola bar.  One that does not have a lot of good stuff in it, and of course they say “Oh you were not supposed to see that”.  And I’m like excellent, thank you, no wonder he always has the worst bowel movements when you look after him.  But it is family and grand parents so I can’t get so upset outwardly even though I am screaming inside.

Anyways, I think I will end my rant for the day here.  I will come back again tomorrow with more quips/gripes about the conference and then hopefully end the week on a little happier note.  Probably after you see tomorrows post, you will think I am in a depressive state which is a little true.


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