I know a lot of people go to Hawaii, and yes, I am one of them too.  I have actually been to Hawaii 5 times.  Once when I was in grade 5.  Then again when I was in Grade 11 (when it was the 1999-2000 New Year’s debacle and my parents had decided what a better place to be if the world does decide to stop turning).  After I finished grad school but before I graduated in 2005, then again in 2011 when I got engaged, and then another one in 2012 when we went with my family and (at the time) boyfriend for a little baby-moon.

I have been to Maui (great place if you just want to relax), Oahu (busy busy busy so if you like traffic and shopping you can go there), and the big Island (which has many areas to it to sight see but not a lot of places to just lounge on the sand).

Here is a collection over the years (which I only have photos from the last three times as I don’t have time to scan and upload the first two… yes call me lazy over here I do not care! 🙂 )

DSCN0343 DSCN0360 DSCN0378 DSCN0395 DSCN0410 DSCN0468 DSCN0487 DSCN0523 DSCN2934 DSCN2947 DSCN2962 DSCN3268 DSCN3280 DSCN3294 DSCN3314 DSCN3323 DSCN3344 DSCN3347



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