June goals

As much as I am a New Year’s Resolution-er fallen of the band wagon-er, I was thinking to myself about a few things that I want to start getting into the habit of.  These ones aren’t as crazy as the traditional resolutions but I do know that I will feel better if I do employ them into my daily life.


– Get into a better habit of nightly and even in the morning of brushing the kiddo’s teeth.  We do it fairly often but not as often as I know we should.  We don’t offer any kind of juice or sugary beverage which I think is extremely linked to terrible teeth but I always worry and have nightmares about it.  Even though I do not work at all with teeth, I see a lot of ages 2-5 year olds that either have those darkened rotting teeth or a complete metal bar that has taken the place of those rotting teeth.  Not a nice sight to see.

– Less soy.  This one is a hard one.  We don’t regularly eat tofu or edamame, but the amount of soy lecithin and other soy by-products that are in processed food is crazy (or not even that processed is crazy).  My skin has been quite a bit better since stopping using my SPF face lotion on it, and although my hormones will not be stable for a while, I do believe that my genetics is very sensitive to things that may be estrogenic or even testosterone-genic.  Soy has been known to have estrogenic qualities so I want to see if that helps.

– Get out of the house after work but before supper.  With kiddo’s day care schedule, they do have a later snack which means he is not hungry for supper until a little bit later – plus I find he eats so well at day care that a lot of times, he could care less about supper anyways.  I want to get out with him on those nice days for a little stroller walk to the park and spend some time out side.  (It would also be nice if we could get our backyard finished and fenced in so we could play out there).

– Meal plan

– Start to get a list of freezer meals.  I wouldn’t start creating them yet as I wouldn’t want them in the freezer that long but at least to get a list so that in mid August I can get pre-cooking.

– Not necessarily a ‘goal’ per say, but I want to get a new pump.  I do have a good one already, but I want one that is just a higher grade and less clean up with all the parts…


Do you have any goals?


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